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How to Watch Porn on PSVR?


Virtual technology truly is a marvel to behold, the implementations of which are still being tapped, with new ways and possibilities being discovered on a regular basis. But, no one can deny that one of the greatest developments in that field is being made thanks to the porn industry. By some estimates, about 30% of the time spent in VR is used by consuming pornography, so if you own a PSVR, why not utilize it to bring you into the newly built land of virtual pleasures? Let us dive right in into the technicalities.

Although Sony has a love-hate relationship with the adult entertainment industry, with the release of the new 2.50 version update, they have implemented a full VR internet browser. So with that in mind, all the VR porn on the internet sits in the palm of your hand.

How to obtain the porn?

Like we said before, with the 2.50 update, PlayStation VR has been given access to a full internet browser, and with it all the porn you can consume, together with all the apps that can deliver the precise experience you’re looking for.

Basically, you have two options:
-Either you visit the desired website that streams VR porn
-Or, you download the media files, store them on a USB drive and play them

1. Watch VR porn on PSVR using Pornhub

While there is a multitude of websites that produce VR content, we won’t be covering all of them, but instead, we shall focus on the most prominent, and free one: Pornhub.
Pornhub is fully compatible with all VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and of course PSVR.

While the process of watching porn is pretty straightforward when using Oculus and Vive, with PSVR it’s a tiny bit more complicated. By following our instructions you will get it running in no time.

It is no wonder that the world biggest porn site has decided to dive into the world of VR porn. By some estimates, the entire VR industry will be worth close to 40 billion by 2020, of which no small part will go to the adult industry.

So, let’s dive right into the necessary steps to enter into the world of adult entertainment using PSVR:

  • Head on to the VR category on Pornhub.com using a computer
  • Download the videos that have peaked your interest
  • Move the files onto a USB stick
  • Plug it into the PlayStation 4
  • The Media Player app needs to be updated to the version 2.50 of course
  • Open the file on the USB stick using the Media Player app
  • Turn on your trusty PSVR headset
  • Hold the options button on the Dualshock 4 controller
  • Select VR mode from the menu and enjoy the show!

2. Watch VR porn on PSVR using LittlStar app

As we have covered quite extensively on how to watch VR videos on a USB stick, the magical application responsible for it, LittlStar, can also be used to watch some other forms of videos. Ahem, ahem, if you have not already found out by yourself.
None the less, here we will bring you a total overview of the process and a step by step guide to watch your favorite form of adult entertainment.

1. First things first, buddy boy. Head to the PlayStation Store and navigate to the app section. Than download LittleStar VR Cinema. This application is an absolute necessity for watching a wide variety of videos. Not to mention that it’s the first and currently the only app that lets you watch 3D VR videos on PSVR.
2. Insert a PS4 compatible USB drive into your PC.
3. The USB stick must be formatted as exFAT or FAT32
4. Now create a folder on the top level of your directory called „LittlStar“
5. Dive into the depths of the Internet in pursuit of 3D VR movies you wish to consume.
6. Create a folder on your Flash USB drive called “LittlStar.” Since PlayStation VR supports side-by-side and top-bottom videos, type into the search engines something along those lines like „SBS porn videos“ or such. There is no doubt you will find a plethora of readily available videos.
7. Download the videos an put them into the LittlStar folder on your USB drive
8. And now, for the crucial part. You have to rename the files correctly for the LittlStar app to be able to recognize and play them. Depending upon the type of video, if it’s either 180 or 360 videos, or side-by-side or top-bottom, you have to include that into the filename.

A few examples:
– For a 180 side-by-side .mp4 video rename it: *filename*_SBS_180.mp4
– If it’s a 360 to-bottom .mp4 video: *filename*_TB_360.mp4
So, make sure to include the type of the video format in the name of the file, like the two examples above.

9. Then remove the USB drive from your PC and put it into the USB port on your PS4
10. Turn on your PSVR, adjust it as you see fit and open up the LittlStar VR Cinema app.
11. Navigate to the Library and scroll through the list of downloaded videos.
12. Choose the one you like and press play!

So there it is, a comprehensible and easy-to-follow guide on how to watch VR porn on your PlayStation VR headset. While still in its early days, the VR porn has gained quite a momentum in terms of both quality and quantity.

So, in the near future, there will probably be more and more studios producing adult content with an even greater level of immersion. The future is bright, for VR porn.

How to Protect Your TV During Intense VR Sessions?

06 How to Protect your TV During Intense VR sessions Cover

VR is really quite the contact sport, and there are plenty of instances where people hit their furniture, or their large screen TVs, or even computer monitor screens by mistake.

These stories are so common that it might be wise to take a few precautions to make sure you don’t take your expensive television to pieces in the course of an intense VR session.

An expensive television is a loss, of course, but if you happen to punch a wall by mistake it could even lead to serious injuries. Another thing that could happen is that you strike another person, or a pet in VR.

However, there is no need to give up on VR, because with a few simple safety rules in place, you can be sure to protect your television, or the people around you during intense VR sessions.

Set boundaries

This is really by far the best tip. You know that most virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive allow you to set a safe zone.

This ensures that you don’t bump into furniture or hurt yourself striking a wall. The reason these things still happens is that people then to try to push that safe zone outwards as much as possible.

This is a big mistake.

They’ll set the edges of the safe zone so that it almost touches their furniture or their television, and then they wonder why they tend to break things by going beyond those boundaries. Here’s a small tutorial on roomscaling for the Oculus Rift.

Set a safety buffer zone

The key to avoiding breaking things beyond the limits of your safe zone is to reduce the edges of the safe zone by about two feet.

By pulling the edges of the safe zone inwards about two feet, you create a two feet buffer space that will ensure that even if you step or move past the boundaries of the safe zone, you will still not end up breaking anything or hurting yourself, or anyone else.

Make sure that family members don’t enter your VR space. Remember that it not just your TV and your furniture that is at risk here, but any family member that enters your VR space.

Build yourself a Shield

If you’re really worried that you might break through your TV by mistake during one of your more energetic VR sessions, buy a plexiglass sheet that is about a quarter of an inch in thickness, and the size of your TV.

Now stick strips of velcro to the TV and the plexiglass sheet, so that you can attach or remove the plexiglass sheet from your TV whenever you wish. This is cheaper than TV armor, but it doesn’t look too elegant, and of course you need some basic DIY skills to put this together.

Then there’s TV Armour

If you’d prefer a more elegant solution, you can just buy ‘TV armour’. This works very well, and is reasonably priced. TV armour also gives you better visual clarity. Check out the latest deals on TV armor on Amazon…

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Put out a VR alert

The best thing you can do is to alert people around the house when you are about to engage in a VR session. Alternatively, you can simply shut and lock the door before you start up your latest VR game. Make sure that everyone knows that you cannot see or hear them in VR.

Drink and VR don’t go together

Don’t go into VR drunk. It might seem like drinking just before a VR session might be a good idea. After all, it might lead to a more ‘way-out’ experience.

In reality, though, there is a great deal of balance required for VR, and your senses don’t work as well as they do in everyday life.

If you drink before a VR session, there is a good chance you could stumble and put your hand (or head!) through the screen of your expensive television.

A seated VR session is safer

If you play your VR games seated, you’ll find that there is a lot of safety in this. Yes, a good many games feel much more intuitive and are more fun when you play them standing, but this is also more dangerous to yourself, to the people around you, and to your furniture, televisions and computers.

If you can show discipline and maintain the limits you set in VR, then engaging in VR while standing is perfectly safe. But if you feel that you lack the discipline to maintain your position and not exceed the boundaries that you set in VR, then sitting in a chair while engaging in a VR session is probably the safest thing that you could do, as there is no danger of you striking an object or a wall, or stumbling over some furniture.

There are even some very interesting VR Chairs available that can make a seated VR experience astoundingly immersive.

Mind your controllers

While the controllers for headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive generally have a safety strap that keeps the controller attached to your wrist even in the midst of an intense VR session, there are still stories of people swinging their arms wildly and letting go of a controller – which then flies across the room and breaks the television, or even hurts someone.

06 How to Protect your TV During Intense VR sessions 1

To prevent this, make sure that you hold your controllers tightly. Just because you are throwing a rock in VR, doesn’t mean that you need to enhance the realism of the experience by actually flinging your controller across the room and straight through your expensive television.

Remember that a VR world can be rather convincing

It can become difficult to remember that the controller you hold in your hand can actually fly across your living room in reality if you let go of it. Immersion in virtual reality shouldn’t extend far enough into the real world that you actually start breaking things that you’d rather not.

Just remember to ensure that the safety straps are well fastened around your wrist, and you have nothing to worry about. These are very simple tips, but following then can ensure that you don’t break expensive accessories around your house, or hurt someone, or even yourself.

Is Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset Worth It?

02 Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset Cover Image

While the HoloLens embodies Microsoft’s vision of mixed reality, a great many manufacturers have also brought out their own mixed reality headsets. Foremost amongst these are of course Acer, Dell, Lenovo and HP.

However, the most impressive headset of the lot is undoubtedly Samsung’s HMD Odyssey.

An Excellent effort

Our impressions confirm what is really a general feeling among those who have tested the Samsung HMD Odyssey. The headset is a step above other mixed reality headsets, both in terms of features, and in quality of manufacture.

The know-how of the Korean giant is evident from the moment you open the box. The product gives one a feeling of being very robust – and that’s in addition to its impeccable finish. The visual and sound clarity has to be experienced to be believed.

Particular care has been taken with regard to its ergonomics, and this is something that is apparent from the moment you put on the headset.

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Earphones and integrated microphone

The Samsung Odyssey mixed reality headset stands out from the competition with a microphone, and integrated headphones. The headphones are from the prestigious brand AKG.

While it is, of course, possible to use conventional headphones with most mixed reality headsets, having the headphones and microphone incorporated into the Samsung Odyssey simplifies the amount of equipment that you have to wear in virtual reality, reduces cords, and decreases the total weight on your head.

The controllers are also reasonably ergonomic, though not exceptionally so

They are slightly more comfortable to take in one’s hand than the standard controllers of other mixed reality headsets but do not attain the levels of comfort of Oculus touch controllers.

Excellent display quality

Samsung’s dedication to quality is also reflected in the HMD Odyssey screens, which use OLED technology and which each boast a resolution of 1440 x 1600, this opposed to a resolution of 1440 x 1440 in most other mixed reality headsets.

The OLED technology ensures that there are no after images on the screens, and can prevent nausea associated with some mixed reality and virtual reality headsets. The field of view is 110 degrees, which on par with the best headsets on the market today.

Comparisons with the Rift and the Vive

Each headset has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Samsung Odyssey mixed reality headset, like all mixed reality headsets, has the significant advantage of not requiring external sensors to function.

All you have to do is take it out of the box and connect it to a computer running Windows 10. There’s a short software update and you are ready to go.

This makes the Samsung Odyssey much easier to use than the Vive, for example, and much easier to carry around as well. It goes without saying that the Samsung Odyssey far outclasses the resolutions of the classic Vive.

One advantage that the Vive has over the Samsung Odyssey is with the controllers. The Samsung Odyssey’s controllers are tracked by the camera in front of the headset, which means that it is not possible to track an object that is outside their field of view.

So long as your controllers remain in the field of view of the headset’s cameras, the tracking is absolutely perfect.

For applications that are designed for the Samsung Odyssey headset, this is rarely a problem, as consideration for this limitation in tracking is built into the application design.

However, it does remain a limitation when compared with the Vive.

Minimum Specifications for the Samsung Odyssey

You’ll need an Intel i5 6300 processor or higher, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or higher. You’ll also need 8GB of RAM, Windows 8 or Windows 10 as your operating system, two USB ports and an HDMI port.

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Microsoft signs a deal with Steam

Microsoft has forged partnerships with good many software vendors, and perhaps the foremost of these is Valve. The SteamVR platform will, therefore, be compatible with Windows mixed reality headsets.

This allows the Samsung Odyssey to actually go all out in competition with the Vive.

Play Oculus Rift exclusive games in Windows mixed reality with Revive

LibreVR’s Revive app, originally designed to allow HTC Vive users to play Oculus Rift games, is perfectly compatible with Windows mixed reality headsets, and will allow you to play the entire Oculus Rift library <on your Samsung Odyssey mixed reality headset.

For those who weren’t aware of Revive, its been in development since around 2016. It started out with Jules Cross, a VR enthusiast, working on the project in his spare time, but the project has since received funding from Oculus’ founder.

The Best Headphones for the Samsung Odyssey1

Should you buy the Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset?


The headset is vastly superior to most of the other headsets on the market and offers a visual clarity that outclasses the classic Vive.

It also offers excellent 3D soundscapes, and the ergonomics will allow you to experience hours of comfortable play.

While the controllers do not match the controllers of the Vive for tracking, the fact that you don’t have to set up base stations or light houses, and can simply plug in the headset and start using it is actually a considerable convenience.

Go for it, because this headset is real value for money.

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