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Best PSVR Cases for Storage and Transport


After you have bought your little buddy, Mr. PS4 and PSVR that goes with it, which has propelled you into the land of VR, you might have found yourself wanting to travel a bit and maybe you got a bit worried how your ‘ol pal PSVR might be holding up in that suitcase being thrown around by uncaring hands.

Well, in that case, you just might want to protect your VR headset from unnecessary damage by putting it inside the case which will dispel all your worries. But, what case to buy? Looking at random reviews online might not give you the necessary certainty in the rightness of your decision, so here we bring you our recommendations on which case to buy, and hopefully, you and your buddy will be hanging out without any worries in the distant lands.

1. Hard EVA Travel Case for Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle

This slick looking hard case was designed for the purpose of holding both PS4 and all of its components, hence its name. One very important thing to hold in mind is that it was designed before the launch of Aim controllers, so it cannot hold PS4, PSVR and Aim controllers together, which is something you should take note off.

With that being said, the case is divided into different sections, but without padding on the outer walls, and the sections are separated with different velcro strips, which you can pull out and readjust so that you do not get any scratches on your favorite gadget. The case easily stores PS4, PSVR headset, VR box, AC adapters, HDMI cables, controllers, PS camera, charging cords and many games.The design is slick and comes in casual black. While you’re holding the case you might feel like a character from some super secret spy movie.

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2. EUDEMON Deluxe Carrying Case for PlayStation VR (PSVR), Headset and Accessories Storage Case – PlayStation 4

If hard cases seem like a bit of an overkill to you, there’s EUDEMON or if you simply like to carry things around as a backpack this might be the best choice for you, since it has all the functionality of Hard Eva case, meaning it can pack PS4, PSVR and all of their accessories, but without the extra weight.

The case is waterproof, but you shouldn’t feel so anxious to test it, so don’t go swimming while carrying this on your back, although I doubt any of you have decided to choose swimming as a means of transport to the Caribbean.

With that in mind, let’s move onto the case itself. It is designed as a simple, manageable backpack with separate sections which can fit :
– VR headset
– Remote Controler
– Sony PlayStation 4 console
– Camera and camera holder
– Chargers and Cables
– other accessories you might need ( such as games)

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3. Storage Case for PSVR

If you’re just looking for a storage case for your PSVR, this is the case for you! It is officially licensed by Sony, and does the job it was designed to do just fine. It is unfortunate that the official PSVR didn’t come with any way of storing it. This case is a must buy for any PSVR owner, especially if you do not already possess the means of storing it.

The case has an additional pouch at the back with added storage capacity, such as PlayStation controllers, or cables which might come in handy. The price is reasonable and affordable. The case comes with a handle so it can be easily transported. However, if you’re looking for portability you might go for something bigger than can fit PS4 as well.

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4. Hard EVA Travel Case for Sony PlayStation VR (PSVR) Headset and Accessories by Hermitshell

Now, this is a very good item to have. Although not licensed by Sony, it was designed with the purpose of keeping your VR headset safe and portable and it does an awesome job at it.

The great thing about this case is that it is spacious enough to fit anything that comes with a VR headset – PSVR headset, camera, stick controllers, HDMI cables.
For extra protection, the case has a wall padding, so your VR headset is safe and sound even if you drop the case.

As we said before, although it doesn’t sport the PlayStation logo, this case does a wonderful job at protecting your headset, has extra room for added accessories and offers additional protection with added padding, so for a few shekels extra this is a go-to option for storing and transporting your PSVR.

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5. RDS Industries PSVR Headset and Accessories Deluxe Carrying Case

Another case licensed by Sony, evident in the design, with slick little Playstation button logos, this carrying case will satisfy most needs. The compartments are cut just per the dimensions of the headset, so the PSVR will have a nice tight fit.

The case is designed with the purpose of fitting your PlayStation 4, VR headset, as well as other accessories, such as cables, controllers, charger, and games. One major drawback that should be mentioned, is that it will hardly fit your PlayStation 4 Pro, so bear that in mind.

Other than that, you will have sufficient protection for your PSVR, and will have no trouble carrying it as a hand luggage for airplane travel.

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Hopefully, by the end of this article, you have decided for your favorite and are well on your way to ordering good enough protection for your favorite, now portable, little buddy.

Best Headphones for the Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset

Lenovo-Explorer-mixed reality headset

Many people don’t realize that mixed reality and virtual reality are composite experiences in which both the video and the audio play a part in convincing a person that what their senses perceive is ‘real’. We see a considerable effort on the part of MR and VR manufacturers to improve the resolution of the eye screens that provide the video feed.

Mixed reality is a composite experience

This is a fact, and sound is a crucial part of any mixed reality or virtual reality experience. The reason most companies associated with VR do not pay much attention to this side of things is that companies that specialize in audio headsets already have sound quality as idealized by the professional headset more or less locked down.

State of the art headphones today deliver an enviable range and crystal-clear audio

That said, all VR companies have to do is provide a 3.5 mm jack that provides compatibility, and they have the sound effects side of things accounted for.

So here’s a selection of excellent headphones that are compatible with and which fit well with the Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset.

Plantronics Audio 355

Two qualities are of paramount importance in the selection of a good pair of headphones: quality of sound and comfort. Both of these are delivered perfectly by the Plantronics Audio 355 PC.

To provide a comfortable fit, these headphones come with faux leather padding on the ear cups and under the headband. The flexible headband provides exceptional comfort at some cost to its durability, although it should hold together just fine if you don’t put too much stress on it. It comes with a flexible microphone which can be bent to fit best with the Lenovo Explorer headset, and it retains its shape unless moved.

Versatility and High Fidelity

As far as sound quality goes, these headphones boast an audio range of 20-20,000 Hz, which speaks volumes for their versatility and fidelity. It goes without saying that this set can provide reasonable mixed reality immersion and excellent virtual reality gaming audio.

However, there is considerable amount of audio leakage due to the absence of a seal around the ear cups, which means that people outside your mixed reality world might be annoyed at the sounds coming from the headphones.

Nevertheless, the Plantronics Audio 355 remains a reasonably-priced option to use with your Lenovo Explorer headset, and will allow for reasonable immersion in MR or VR.

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lenovo mixed reality 01

JBL J88i Premium Over-Ear Headphones

JBL has been delivering top notch quality sound to cinemas, theaters, and other professional enterprises for more than half a century. It’s hardly a surprise that the company brings that level of quality sound to VR and MR compatible headphones today.

Sound is clear and resonant, leading to a mixed reality with perfect audio depth perception

The JBL J88i brings you perfect clarity and an extended bass that tends to beat headphones in the same price range, all due to the premium JBL drivers in the set.

You can rotate both the ear cups by 180 degrees allowing you to hear external sounds.This is especially useful in mixed reality.

Looks and Style

When it comes to looks the J88i delivers beautifully, the padding on the ear cups and the headband is both functional and stylish.

The microphone includes a one-sided, flat, tangle free cable, which allows you to communicate and use voice commands in mixed reality. The cable itself is detachable and comes off with a twist lock system on the ear cup. The sound quality is improved by subduing resonance with the help of a strain relief connector.

For excellent quality, rugged good looks and an excellent build, these headphones would be difficult to match.

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Sennheiser HD 215

The Sennheiser HD 215 is one of the finest headphones on the market today, combining incredible audio quality and an immense frequency range with the exceptional comfort of fit.

While the headband design offers flexibility, it in no way compromises the fit itself. When adjusted according to one’s preferences, it does not slip or slide from its position.

This is rather important in MR, and can be crucial in VR gaming

We tested it out in a rather energetic VR scenario, and there were no signs of it slipping whatsoever.

Ultimate Comfort

Both the headband and the ear cups come with sufficient padding to ensure comfort and prevent any noise leakage.

The padding on the headband is 3/8th of an inch thick and that on the ear cups is half an inch thick, both of which make these headphones comfortable enough to wear for hours to an end without the slightest discomfort.

To say that the audio range and sound quality are more than good would be an understatement.

The audio precision offers a complete soundscape that allows you to pinpoint sound directions and source in a three-dimensional mixed reality or virtual reality environment.

The tone balance on this model is incredible, right from the mid to the high tones, providing a neutral but smooth transition.

All in all, this is a sophisticated audio unit for your MR or VR setup.

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Lenovo-Explorer-mixed reality headset 2

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

With regards to performance and durability, these headphones are the best you can come by.

These are built to last… and last!

Unlike most models, the headband sports a sturdy design of plastic and metal reinforcement. The thick plastic ear cups and the headband together prevent most forms of fall damage.This makes them excellent for use, not only in MR, but also in relatively energetic VR gaming.

While the headphones do not come with any controls for the audio, most of it can be handled internally through your MR or VR apps.

A focused soundstage

In most consumer-focused headphone models the soundstage tends to be exaggerated, so, depending on your tastes, you may find the range a trifle narrow.

Nevertheless, the VR soundscape that the ATH-M40x provides will give you a real feeling of depth and distance through the excellent stereo control.

While being comfortable, they do compromise a little in that they allow noise leakage, so, while you’ll enjoy reasonable audio immersion and exclusion of external sounds, the same can’t be said for anyone in your vicinity, who will probably be able to hear some of the audio environment of your MR or VR app.

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One of the Greats – Sony MDR-7520

Finally, if you have money to spare, here are headphones that can truly add to your MR or VR experience.

These are among the elite in Lenovo Explorer compatible headphones

The thick ear cup padding ensures satisfactory sound isolation and little to no leakage. What it compromises on in its looks, it delivers in terms of sheer performance.

Superlative hardware

The 50mm Liquid Crystal Polymer Film dome drivers deliver a high frequency response to up to 80Hz, which can’t be said for the other models in this price range.

The design is such that it offers a light weight, yet a rigid build and the distinct mechanical-audio driver provides both sound fidelity and quality.

A perfect soundscape

The superb sound quality makes it easy to isolate the various sound producing elements in your MR or VR soundscape, allows you to to pick out individual and moving sounds, and ascertain distances in the soundscape with pinpoint accuracy.

While sounds that are ‘nearer’ will be more dominant, you’ll be able to pick out background elements in the MR or VR environment and pick out the direction and distance of those sounds.

The headphones are reasonably comfortable, but they are essentially a no-frills design

They do provide good padding, and are comfortable, but they look simply functional. There are, ironically, none of the LED lights and other effects found on many cheaper headsets.

These headphones deliver excellent, PERFECT sound, period, with a reasonable level of comfort that will allow you to use them in tandem with your Lenovo Explorer for hours on end.

Show? Style? Looks?

Seek elsewhere. Perfect Sound? You can find that here.

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Best Headphones for the Dell Visor

Best Headphones for the Dell Visor

The windows mixed reality experience provided by the Dell Visor VR Headset can be considerably enhanced by just the right headphones, as audio really is an important aspect of immersive MR/VR. Here are some headphones that are recommended for the Dell Visor, and which go best with it. All of them, of course, can plug into the 3.5mm jack.

Over the Head Headphones

Over the head headphones really provide the best clarity, and what is more important, perhaps, shutting out of environmental sounds, as this can interfere with the more immersive VR apps, though windows mixed reality is more tolerant. We’ll take a look at some of our options in over the head headphones, before going on to the earbud headphones that many people find to be a more comfortable alternative for mixed reality.

Blue Lola Sealed Over-Ear High-Fidelity Headphones

These are a unique set of over the head headphones, without the commonly seen adjustable headband. Instead, they have a hinge system on each ear cup, which can be used to adjust its position and angle to get a snug fit. While this might seem a little different from the norm, once you get used to them, you will see that they provide a comfortable fit every time. Not only that, but the specialized padding on the cups and the headband make this set of headphones comfortable to wear for hours on end.Blue-Lola Headset

As far as noise cancellation and sound quality are concerned, these do the job perfectly. They are designed to block out most external sounds. While these external sounds are not too much of a problem in mixed reality, they certainly interfere with immersion in VR.

As for the quality of the sound itself, the Lola delivers beautifully. They provide a great soundstage and distinctly allow you to perceive changes in sound panning. They also allow you to perceive distances in MR and VR. This is especially important when you’re listening to a soundscape in either MR or VR. And when we’ve said that, you know that the Lola is also optimally suited forVR gaming, allowing you to perceive sounds in motion around you.

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Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

With the natural noise isolation that they provide, their light weight and comfortable fit, Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones are an optimal accessory for your mixed reality headset. The company claims that the HD380 PRO can cancel background noises up to 32dB, with its closed back design and around-the-ear cushioning.

While this claim might be a bit optimistic, the headset does reduce environmental noises significantly. Both the ear cushions and the shape of the ear cups ensure that there is little to no leakage of external sounds while maximizing comfort at the same time. The headphones are sturdy and solidly built, but light enough that they do not add much to the weight of the VR headset itself.

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO

The audio sounds very natural, and the timbre is perfect – and in this we feel that open back headphones are considerably better than closed backs. This model, however, does a decent job here as well. A careful listener might observe a little boosting of the midrange, but it is quite subtle and one gets used to it fairly quickly.

The Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones are a truly professional set of headphones, and you can expect high sound fidelity, quite similar to that of a pair of studio headphones. These headphones provide a wider audio range while retaining perfect clarity, making your VR experience as acoustically realistic as it could possibly get.

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Earbud headphones

Earbud headphones are actually much to be recommended with a VR headset – they’re lightweight, they’re comfortable, and they can be more or less guaranteed to be compatible with just about any mixed reality headset. The only downside is that they offer far less noise cancellation than a cup headphone, and external noises can seriously affect immersion in VR.

That said, external noises aren’t that much of a problem in mixed reality, so if you intend to use your Dell Visor for what’s it primarily designed for, you don’t really require total cancellation of external sounds. And it goes without saying that some people prefer the comfort and guaranteed ‘fit-compatibility’ of an earbud headphone set over the lack of near-complete noise cancellation. So here are a few earbud headphones that are most compatible with the Dell Visor.

VAVA MOOV 11 In Ear Earbud Headphones

These headphones can take your Mixed Reality or VR experience to the next level with a wide audio range and high sound fidelity, both achieved by a unique driver mechanism. The stereo effects that the VAVA MOOV 11 bring to the table are essential for a convincing and immersive 3D mixed reality or VR experience, while the bass and midrange settings provide a delicate balance and clarity at the same time.


The ear buds are ingeniously designed to take the shape of your ears and do not fall off easily. These headphones are a strong sell for the comfortable fit, as well as for their sleek exterior, which is semitransparent and shows off the internal hardware.

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Koss KSC75

These headphones are cheap, durable and sound good. What more could you ask for? These are your classic fallback, cheap headphones in under twenty dollars that give you reasonable sound, are perfectly comfortable, and perfectly compatible with the Dell Visor.

Koss KSC75

These headphones come with ear hooks that keep them from falling off during a particularly exciting MR or VR experience. As far as appearances go, they are purely functional, and they don’t have any external controls for audio, but this isn’t much of an issue in VR, where sound is modulated in the apps anyway. At the minimal price range, the Koss KSC75 certainly delivers sufficiently well as to quality.

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These are as beautiful as you can possibly get in the low-price bracket. They may be cheap, but they have a sophisticated sci-fi beauty, with a smooth metallic exterior. SONY has obviously gone all-out to make these headphones look anything but low priced, and the three color options they come in (blue, white and black) don’t hurt this one bit.


Unlike most other headphones in this price range, these come with a strong and durable cable, its serrated design preventing tangling, which solves one of the major issues regarding wired headphones in MR or VR. While the SONY MDR-XB55AP does look good, it also delivers in terms of performance, delivering the audio quality that you expect for a reasonably immersive MR experience, or in a virtual reality game.

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Sennheiser CX 275

If it is simplicity and practicality you are after, look no further. Sennheiser CX 275 headphones come in a simple black matte, with metallic grey ear pieces. There is an inherent bass boost which will raise the bass and the mid-range of most of the VR or MR audio directed into them. This can be a bit of a problem if you wish to hear the higher notes cleanly, but it’s something that one can get used to quite rapidly, and of course, there are many people who prefer the emphasis on the bass.

Sennheiser CX 275

The Sennheiser CX 275 comes with a built-in microphone, and while it does not have any other controls, delivers seamless audio when used with a Dell Visor. Overall, they are reasonably decent for the extremely competitive price range.

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All in all, you have quite a range of compatible headphones, from high-definition and noise-canceling cup headphones, to extremely lightweight earbud headphones that allow for maximum compatibility and comfort when you’re actually wearing the Dell Visor.

There’s also quite a difference in price range, from reasonably priced headphones that deliver superb sound quality, to the minimal Koss KSC75, which is a steal in under twenty dollars. You can choose whichever headphones ‘feel’ most right to you – there’s something for everybody.