Top 5 Oculus Quest Lens Cover in 2021

Best Oculus Quest Lens Cover
Best Oculus Quest Lens Cover

It’s worth taking a few moments to consider the best Oculus Quest Lens cover. It may not be something that you’re thinking about when you’re excitedly purchasing your Quest. But, it should be seen as an essential piece of kit. 

From a player perspective, the lenses are the most important part of the Quest. It’s these that allow you to see the game, react smoothly, and enjoy the experience. You may already have considered adding the best Oculus Quest lens protectors, but the lens cover is essential for when you’re not using your VR device.

It doesn’t matter if you only play at home and the Quest is always returned to the same spot. It only takes one small accident or an overly curious friend/family member and your lenses can be scratched, ruining the gaming experience for you.

That’s why you need to take a look at this list and choose the one that suits you the best:

The Best Oculus Quest Lens Cover

There are several good options to choose from, take your time choosing one as you’ll be using it for months or even years.

3D Printed

3D printable products are slowly taking over the world. They are generally quick to manufacturer, use minimal materials, and are robust enough to give you long service.

This particular version of the Quest lens cover is made from PLA plastic and you can have it in blue, black, red, white, or even pink. Of course, being 3D printed you can even order a custom color, although you’ll need to allow a little extra manufacturing and delivery time.

This lens is designed to fit over the Quest and is soft enough not to scratch the outside of your Quest. It doesn’t come into contact with the lenses on your device, helping to ensure they are not scratched or damaged in any way. It’s worth noting that the quality is assured as each product is sanded and polished before being dispatched, to ensure it conforms to your Quest perfectly.

It’s also important to note that these covers were designed to specifically prevent sunlight from damaging your lenses, which makes them a worthwhile investment as damage can happen much faster than you realize.

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Orzero Lens Cover

Orzero Lens Cover
Orzero Lens Cover

The simplest approach is often one of the best and this is certainly true of the Orzero lens cover.

It’s made from soft fabric with Lycra in. This gives the cover enough stretch to go over the end of your Quest while the same stretch actually helps to hold the cover in place. It’s also worth noting that the cover is washable, allowing you to get rid of the grime that builds up and keep your cover, as well as your Quest, looking like new. 

It won’t surprise you to find that this lens cover is designed for the Quest. One side is smooth and soft, the other has two circular bumps, designed to fit not the lens gaps on your Quest. This helps to hold the cover firmly in place. But, it also ensures that dirt and other substances can get into the lens space when you’re not using your Quest.

The Orzero is designed to be dust-proof, scratch-proof, and even collision-proof, meaning that your lenses should stay safe and scratch-free, no matter what you do to the Quest.

This is a great option!

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Lichifit Lens Cover

Lichifit Lens Cover
Lichifit Lens Cover

As with all the best lens covers, this one is designed to fit the Quest. This is important as the better the fit the less likely it is that dirt and debris will get between the lens cover and the lenses. Obviously, any debris will increase the likelihood of scratches. 

The material used to make the Lichifit lens cover is soft and washable, although you should follow the washing instructions precisely.  It’s designed not to scratch your lenses and can even protect against dust.

By protecting the lenses you’ll be able to ensure your vision is not impaired when gaming, something that can make all the difference.

As with most of these types of covers, it has two bumps that are custom made to fit into the lens spaces on your Quest, ensuring it doesn’t move around. This may not seem important if your Quest simply sits on your desk between uses, but it’s useful if you’re often carrying it with you.

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AMVR Quest Lens Cover

The AMVR Quest lens Cover is designed to be dust-proof and ensures there is no light leakage. As you’re aware, sunlight can damage any lens, as well as practically any furnishing. If your Quest is left in the wrong place you’ll find that the sunlight quickly damages the lenses and will make it difficult to see the game images properly.

Fortunately, the AMVR cover is designed to block light from getting to your lenses, ensuring this isn’t an issue.

This cover is actually made from high-quality environmental protection EVA, which makes it a good option if you’re concerned about your impact on the environment. Instead of two domes that press into your Quest eyepieces, the AMVR is designed to slot around your lenses. There are grooves that effectively allow you to push the cover into position and prevent the dust and dirt from getting in. There is also a raised bit that covers the nose area, completing the tight seal of your cover to Quest. The nose pad and sealing parts are made of soft silicon, encouraging a good seal and protecting the Quest from damage.

This is definitely a premium product at an attractive price.

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ller76 Lens Cover

The ller76 takes the traditional approach to lens cover design, which is probably because it works. It’s a fitted mask with two bulges that are custom designed to slot into your lens holes. This helps to minimize the amount of debris that can get into your lenses, effectively preventing them from being damaged. 

You can choose to purchase this lens cover in black or grey, depending on your personal preference. As with the other covers on this list, it’s made with a soft material that can be washed. This is good as you’ll want to remove any debris and dirt on the cover but, you must follow the washing instructions properly. If you don’t, you may find that the detergent you wash with actually stays on the cover and can cause scratches on your lenses!

It is worth noting that this cover can easily be folded in half, allowing you to take it anywhere with you on the Quest and not to lose it while you’re there. As with any of these Quest lens covers, the important thing is to keep the cover away from contaminants, this will help to ensure the lenses on your Quest remain scratch-free.

It is important to note that this cover does not offer any form of protection against sunlight.

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Quick Guide

There are a few things to consider before you choose the right lens cover:

  • Budget

All lens covers are relatively cheap but they are not all the same price. Having just invested in a Quest you’ll probably be prepared to go, the extra and purchase a high-quality cover. But, if you’re budget won’t allow this then there are cheaper and just as effective, options available. 

Simply find the one on this list that matches your budget and order it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Reputation

It’s always worth checking the reputation of a supplier/manufacturer. The first step is to look at their website and establish how well organized it is, how long the company has been trading, and whether they have any reviews posted on their site. 

Interestingly, a good manufacturer/supplier is likely to have good and bad testimonials, all good suggest they don’t include all the reviews.

You should also check the forums to get an honest opinion of what the lens cover works like. This will help you t make the right decision.

  • Quest Activation

The Quest has a sensor that detects when it is placed near your head, this allows you to have seamless gameplay and see what is happening as soon as the Quest is in position. However, if you choose a lens cover that goes over the sensor, you’ll be telling the Quest that you’re ready to play. 

In other words, you’ll be turning it on. That’s not a great idea if you’re just putting the Quest away as you’ll effectively be leaving it running and drain the battery. The next time you go to play there will be no charge in your Quest.

You need to make sure the lens cover you buy allows for the usage sensor and doesn’t activate the Quest. If not, you’ll need to change the settings to deactivate the sensor.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best Oculus Quest lens cover is a matter of personal taste, as well as your budget and personal feelings regarding suppliers/manufacturers. But, the important thing is that you use this list to help you find the best possible Quest lens cover. It will ensure your gaming experience is the best it can be and remains that way for as long as possible.