The Best Virtual Reality Anger Rooms

Best Virtual Reality Anger Rooms
Smash those digital objects without any remorse!

The world we live in is hectic and filled with stress on a daily basis. Cumulative stress can result in a build-up of anger, frustration and negative energy. Therefore, a new method to relieve stress – Anger Rooms – is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Some experts point out that unleashing your rage by breaking and demolishing objects can make you even more angry, so this is a rather questionable approach. Nevertheless, it would be awesome if you could just put on your VR headset on, and get inside the Virtual Anger Room. Well, some developers thought about this too, and created some interesting titles convenient for anger relief.

Smash Party VR

This is pretty much the complete VR Anger Room experience, only with a hilarious twist to it. The game is free to play, and is designed in a cartoon-ish manner packed with funny looking characters.

In Smash Party VR you get to demolish a variety of familiar objects. You are cheered by a virtual audience as you satisfy your desire for destruction. There is also a multiplayer angle of the game where you can compete with your friends. Obviously, the winner is a person with the highest score when it comes to most property damage.

Before you immerse yourself into the Smash Party VR, make sure to clear out the room and secure the space necessary, so it doesn’t become Smash Party IRL.


In VRobot you are in control of a gigantic robot, and this time around you don’t get to crash only familiar household objects, but the entire cities! Basically, assume the role of something like King-Kong or Godzilla in VR, wreaking havoc all over the city. The only difference is that you control a really huge bot and you have some really cool gadgets to deal with anyone who stands in your path of destruction.

For example you can tear the city down with the help of tornado you release from the Tornado maker. You will also have an “Arming Tractor Beam” that lets you pull anything towards you and then shoot it in any direction. This is very useful and fun against helicopters, and will make sure you don’t end up like King-Kong!


GORN is extremely violent gladiator simulator game brought to you by Free Lives. The game features an unique combat engine, and there will be blood in any direction you look.

There is a variety of weapons at your disposal, maces, swords, bows, two hand hammers, axes and even nunchuks. Additionally you are able to engage in these savage fights with your bare hands. The supply of animated opponents is infinite, and the only limitation of this carnage is either your imagination or exhaustion, since the game is quite demanding physically.

Drunkn Bar Fight

The title Drunkn Bar Fight is pretty self-explanatory, so we will just pass down our impressions of the game. It is great if you are having people over and you want to have some good old bar fight experience without really putting yourself in jeopardy.

Still, there is a lot of untapped potential, since the bar feels a bit small and you get to throw fists only in this one bar. And yeah, you do get to fight everyone in it, so prepare those fancy slips and jabs before you enter.