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The Best Oculus Quest Gun Stocks in 2021


If you’ve tried the Oculus Quest you don’t need convincing that it’s one of the best virtual reality headsets currently available.

Of course, everything can be made better! The right accessory can make a huge difference to the way you play and your results. Whether you need a travel bag for your Quest or the best possible headphones, you’ll find something to benefit your gameplaying style.

Assuming you play shooting or sniper games then the one accessory you simply must have is a gunstock.  There are several options to choose from. But, whichever one you choose, you’re almost certain to find your gameplay improving.

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of gun stocks currently available. As the Quest and virtual reality grow in popularity this is likely to change. However, just because there aren’t many in existence doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t pick one up. There are still several great choices on the market with positive reviews. 

Considerations Before Choosing An Oculus Gun Stock

There are several things that you must consider if you want to choose the very best gunstock for your needs.  Don’t forget, this is an investment in yourself, the budget option may not be the best one!

  • Funds Available

While the cost of the gunstock should not be the driving factor behind your decision, it is a factor. Consider the funds you have available and how much the gunstock you want is. If it’s more than you have then look at the next one down, it may have similar features.

Naturally, if your heart is set on a specific gun stock you’ll need to find the extra money.  You can always earn some extra funds live streaming your gameplaying experience, there are almost certain to be some people who will want to watch you, regardless of how good, (or bad), you are.

  • Reputation

Perhaps the most important part of your search of a Quest gun stock is to consider who manufactured the gunstock and how good their reputation is. The better known the product, the more likely it is to be reliable and durable. 

However, even the biggest manufacturers can get it wrong. That’s why you need to verify their reputation. Take a look at social media and online gaming forums. You’ll discover honest opinions regarding the gunstock. 

It’s unlikely they will all be positive but negative comments should be studied. The nature of the issue and the way the complaint is handled by the company can tell you a lot about the company and the gunstock. It will help you to make the right decision. 

As well as the reputation and comments y other users, don’t forget to ask people about how comfortable the gunstock is. If you’re playing for an extended period comfort will be everything. 

  • Designed For Oculus Quest

There are gun stocks designed for other virtual reality devices that your Quest will be compatible with. This doesn’t mean they are a perfect fit or that everything will work as you expect.

It’s best to choose a gun stock that is designed for the Quest, this will provide the best possible gaming experience. 

Let’s take a look at the gun stocks on offer.

MagTube VR Rifle

MagTube VR Rifle
MagTube VR Rifle

This gunstock from MagTube is an impressive piece of kit and is designed exclusively for the Quest and the Rift S. It’s designed and created by ProTubeVR, a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing accessories for VR devices. You may have heard the name before as they have been linked with the VR Master League and E-Sport League for the last 3 years.

The Magtube VR Rifle has an articulated frame, allowing you to set your rifle in seconds and virtually effortlessly reload or throw a grenade. It will make the game feel even more personal, especially as you will feel you’re actually holding a rifle. The controls are intuitive, boosting your precision, ability to reload quickly, and even the speed at which you shoot.

It’s equipped with MagCups allowing almost instantaneous attachment or disconnection between the gunstock and your Quest controller. Using it will seem very natural.

The gunstock comes with three chrome tubes, a 3D printed stock, two 3D printed MagCups, a one-point sling, two wrist straps, and all the instructions you need to assemble and use. It’s as easy as connecting the tubes and sliding your hand controllers into position, then just pick it up and hold it like a rifle.

It’s potentially the best VR experience you’ll have.

Check the price on Amazon

Lichifit Professional VR Gun Stock

Lichifit Professional VR Gun Stock
Lichifit Professional VR Gun Stock

The Lichifit Professional is a good option if you’re looking for a budget gun stock. It should be noted that this offering from Lichifit doesn’t generally receive the high level of positive feedback that the Magtube gets. 

This gunstock looks more like a traditional rifle before you add the controllers. It has a long straight barrel with a shoulder stock, giving maximum comfort while shooting. There is also a single shoulder strap to help ensure it stays with you, even if you have to carry it while running. 

The Lichifit has an adjustable tailstock, this can be done in real-time, as you play. That will increase your accuracy and help to ensure the gunstock is comfortable according to your shooting stance. This is what makes it perfect for shooting games and RPG. 

The materials are high-quality and easy to look after. It comes with full instructions to put it together and you’ll find that you can quickly take it apart. That’s useful if you’re traveling with it.

It’s worth noting that it weighs just 1.24 pounds, that’s light enough to be virtually unnoticeable. 

Check the price on Amazon

Color Tree Double Handle Bracket

Color Tree Double Handle Bracket
Color Tree Double Handle Bracket

This offering from Color Tree is currently unavailable but likely to be back in stock soon. It’s actually created with a 3D printer and looks like the real thing. The main body is realistic and appears to have a silencer on the end of it. On the top you’ll spot a simple sight, helping to ensure you’re as accurate as possible. 

There are two controller holders under the gun. These attach via magnets. Simply slide the controllers into position and then pick up your gun, it feels like you’re holding a rifle or perhaps even a machine gun.

It should be noted that, because this is 3D printed, some surfaces can have slight blemishes. However, this can contribute to the overall effect of the gunstock.  The gunstock comes with a shoulder strap, ensuring you can’t accidentally drop the gun during gameplay. You will certainly notice the difference. 

It arrives in 8 pieces but is very easy to connect together, simply connect the body and buttstock before installing the fixed handle. Then tighten the screws to stop the handle falling off and add the gun body and head. The controller attachments are already fastened in position. Finish by adding the muffler and the sight, which may need some adjustment to your personal setting.

It is important to take your time putting the gun stock together as this will ensure it works properly. Users confirm this is durable and easy to shoot, making it a good choice.

Check the price on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right gun stock is a big decision. It can make a huge difference to your ability to play and the final score in any game. That’s why you should take the time to consider your options.

The ones on this list are excellent choices, although the Magtube is potentially as good as it gets. Speak to your friends and try out their gunstocks, if they have any. If they haven’t then they’ll soon want one after they try the one you’ve chosen.

Although there is not yet a huge range of gun stocks on the market, it’s likely more will be arriving. If you’re not sure which to go for and don’t want to fork out on the Magtube you may wish to watch this space and choose a new design, when one arrives.

 Just remember, when you purchase the right gun stock you’ll wish you’d done it much sooner. It really will transform your gameplay!

Best Oculus Quest Battery Packs in 2021


The Oculus Quest is arguably the best virtual reality device currently available. It’s not just stylish and easy to use, it allows you to immerse yourself into virtual reality anywhere at any time. Put simply, you don’t need to be tied to the computer to experience the wonder of VR.

Of course, the Quest isn’t perfect. Most users will agree it is a little front heavy, which can be tiring during extended gameplay. The other major issue is that the battery in the Quest only lasts 2-3 hours. That’s not ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their virtual reality device.

Fortunately, there is a solution, the battery pack, or power bank. Although the original intent was to allow phone and tablet users to recharge while on the go, the battery pack should now be considered an essential part of any Quest.

But, as always, not all battery packs are created equal, you need to know which is the right one for your needs. In short, you want to know the best Oculus Quest battery pack!

Best Oculus Quest Battery Pack

Rebuff Reality – VR Power

It’s worth mentioning this product, although it’s not yet available to buy. This actually comes as a pack, there is one battery pack, two cable management clips, comfort padding, and enough straps to ensure the battery pack is securely fastened to the back of your Oculus Quest.

The pack itself is designed to sit in the triangular piece at the back of your head, with the cable running around the main straps and joining the Quest with an ‘L-shaped’ connector.  It has 10,000 mAH which should complement the battery on the Quest to give you 10 hours of gaming.

Anker PowerCore 20000 – Most Popular Option

Anker Portable Charger
Anker Portable Charger

This power pack is available in black or silver and has a stylish graphite finish. It offers an impressive 20,000 mAh and is one of the smallest and lightest options available. It’s reasonably priced and easy to recharge, ensuring you have all the power you need when you want it.

Anker uses PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, technology that is exclusive to Anker, which boosts the speed at which it can charge any item, including the Quest. Of course, the Quest is designed to be played while being charged, the high speed of this charger helps to ensure your gameplay continues smoothly.

Anker also uses a Multi protect safety system, this ensures the charge goes into your Quest and not into you. You can recharge your Quest up to 4 times, or simply play with this plugged in, for at least another 8-12 hours, after the original 2-3 of the standard battery. That should be enough to keep any gamer happy. It’s worth noting that the Anker 20000 is designed to run a standard smartphone for 92 hours before it runs out!

Interestingly, you can choose between using this power pack as a 10W charger or as a 5W charger. With a power output of 5W, the battery pack will last longer, but it will take longer to charge your Quest or any other appliance.

As well as the portable charger you’ll get a micro SB cable, travel pouch, and an 18-month warranty. But, you’ll need to purchase a USB-C cable separately.

This Anker 20,000 allows you to charge two items at the same time via dual USB-A ports, ensuring your Quest is powered up and ready to use, and your phone remains fully charged It really is the best of both worlds.

Check the price on Amazon

Anker PowerCore 20100 – The Ultimate Battery Pack

Anker PowerCore
Anker PowerCore

This pack is a more expensive offering from Anker. But, if you’re serious about gaming this is the pack that will give you all the power you’ll need to keep going. 

The Anker 20100 portable charger is available in red, white, blue, or black, it looks good in all colors. It produces 20,100 mAh and 4.8 A output, making it dramatically more powerful than the previous offering from Anker. 

Although slightly chunkier than the Anker 20,000, it’s still a good-looking bit of kit, and valuable addition to your game equipment.

It also comes with the micro USB cable, pouch, and even a guide to using it. The USB-C cable is sold separately.

The 20100 actually weighs just 12.5oz, you’ll barely notice it on your head when it’s strapped to the Quest. Of course, you can also clip it to your waist and allow the cable to reach to your head. It should give you another 8-12 hours on top of the standard 2-3 hours that the Quest battery supplies!

However, you’ll need to allow charging time, a 2 amp charger will take 10 hours to recharge this power bank, a 1 amp charger will take closer to 20 hours. This is relevant as most phone chargers only supply a charge of 1 amp.

This battery pack also has the Multi protect safety system to ensure you’re not receiving a shock when charging. It offers surge protection, short circuit protection, and a host of other safety features. This is important to ensure you’re safe when playing your VR game. 

It’s worth mentioning that it measures 6.6 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches. While it’s a great option for the Quest it shouldn’t be used with any appliance that has an input below 50mA.

Check the price on Amazon

Omars 5000 – The Budget Option

Omars 5000 – The Budget Option
Omars 5000 – The Budget Option

This certainly isn’t the most powerful option and isn’t going to dramatically increase your playing time. However, it is a great option if you’re on a budget and want something easy to carry with you. 

The Omars comes in just one color, black, but, it’s a good-looking bit of kit that gives 5,000 mAh, that’s enough for you to recharge your Quest at least once and to extend your gameplay by 2-3 hours. That may not sound like a lot but that gives you 4-6 hours, you should be able to make it t a plug socket during that much time 

The battery pack has 3 ports that you can use, micro-USB, USB C, and USB A. This means you don’t just have to charge your Quest, you can also charge your phone or even your Bluetooth headphones. 

This offering from Omars also has built-in safety protection for peace of mind, and provides a 5V 2.4A charge, ensuring your Quest is recharged as quickly as possible if you decide not to play while recharging it.

You may be impressed by the fact it weighs just 5 pounds and measures 5.37 x 2.36 x 0.42 inches, it may not be the most powerful but it is certainly easy to carry with you. It’s potentially the thinnest power bank currently available. 

The built-in intelligent charging system will identify the optimum rate of charging and even let you play while it’s recharging. 

If you’re hoping for a little more power then you should consider the Omar 10000. It’s no bigger than a credit card, although thicker. It offers an impressive 10,000mAh and looks just as stylish as the Omar 5000.

It also features 3 charging ports, allowing you to charge 3 appliances at the same time, or simply charge your Quest multiple times. It is also certified safe with Li-Polymer batteries, overcharge protection, and short circuit/over-temperature protection. 

Add to this a 12-month warranty and you’ll find it difficult to get a better battery pack in 2020 for the Oculus Quest.

Check the price on Amazon

Kiwi 5000 – The Best Specially Designed Option

Kiwi 5000
Kiwi 5000

The Kiwi 5000 is a different kind of charger that needs to be considered. It is designed to provide 5,000 mAh of power for your Quest gaming experience. But, it’s more than just a battery pack. The Kiwi 5000 is designed to fit on your helmet strap, at the back. This should help to redistribute the load and reduce the front-heavy weight of the Quest helmet.  

The 5000 mAh battery will give you another 4-5 hours of playtime. It’s easy to fit to your head strap, a simple PU case velcros to the existing head strap. You’ll also find there is one USB charging cable that has two L-shaped connectors.  You won’t even notice it once it’s on

The power bank is backed by a 12-month product warranty and 24×7 customer service. You can recharge the power bank in just two hours, ensuring you never need to run out of power again. It measures just 100mm x 29mm and weighs an impressive 120g.

It should be noted that the manufacturer recommends changing after one year to prevent any damage to your Quest. They also recommend you don’t play while recharging. 

Check the price on Amazon

PowerAdd Power Bank –  Most Versatile

PowerAdd Power Bank
PowerAdd Power Bank

The final power bank worth considering when choosing one of the best Oculus Quest battery pack options is the Poweradd Power bank

This is a surprisingly versatile option despite being just 10000 mAh. More impressive is the 2A unique input that allows the unit to be recharged in half the time of standard one amp inputs. 

The PowerAdd offers 10000 mAh of power which is enough to recharge your Quest at least twice, or you can simply play while it is charging, giving up to 6 hours of play. There are two USB charging ports, allowing you to keep your Quest alive and your Smartphone. 

This battery pack has its own safety mechanisms, that means you can’t overheat it or put too much current through it, the charger will simply cut out unit it’s cooled or the load has changed. 

The PowerAdd versatile power bank is good looking. It’s back with red trims at the end, although blue with white, or gray with white is also an option. 

Perhaps the best feature is its intelligent charging. It will automatically detect the device and provide the fastest possible charge. It can deliver up to 3.4 amps of charging power!

As a sign of the confidence PowerAdd place in this product, you’ll note there is a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-month product support. 

Check the price on Amazon


Any of the above power banks will help you to keep playing your Quest. But, if you want the best oculus Quest battery pack then you should really look at purchasing the Anker 20100, it’s powerful and good looking, meaning that you’ll be able to outlast your friends and become the VR champion!

Of course, if you’re budget s tight, especially after purchasing the Quest, you may prefer to take the budget option. In this case, the best Oculus Quest battery pack is the Omars 5000.

You simply need to decide your budget and how long you want the additional charge for, this will decide to purchase the best Oculus Quest battery pack much easier.

Don’t forget, the budget option is a workable solution and you can always upgrade in the future.

[Guide] Extension cables for Oculus Rift S in 2021


The original Rift hit the market in March 2016, it was the result of 4 years of development. This version of the Rift was produced for 3 years, being replaced in March 2018 with the second generation of Rift VR headset, the Rift S.

The Rift S has seen some significant changes, but, it remains wired, you’ll need to connect it to a suitable PC to appreciate the VR graphics and experience. 

The Rift S faces competition from several other virtual reality devices, including the Oculus Quest, which is wireless. This is the biggest issue with the Rift S, being wired limits the feeling of freedom while enjoying virtual reality. Fortunately, there is a way around it or a way to improve the degree of mobility and free moving. The answer is to use the best Rift S extension cables possible. 

Before diving into the best extension cables, let’s take a look at what Rift S headset offers.

Oculus Rift S features and specs

The most significant change to the original Rift is in the screen resolution. Oculus Rift S has 1280×1440 pixels per eye compared to 1200×1080 in the first Rift. This is a pretty standard resolution for VR headset, with the competition offering the same resolution and higher refresh rate. Rift S has 80Hz compared to the most headset that features 90Hz and Valve Index with a 120Hz refresh rate. Besides the decision, the Rift S changed the type of display from OLED to LCD, which helps with the screen door effect.

Visually, Rift S looks a bit like Playstation VR, and there are some influences from the Mirage Solo device. Chinese powerhouse company Lenovo was the first choice as the manufacturer of the new equipment. Instead of three head straps, Oculus Rift S has a halo-style ring with the wheel at the back for adjusting the headband. 

Rift S is comfortable, and compared to the original Rift, another difference is the glasses that come without a physical adjustment for the distance between lenses. The company claims that software adjustment makes up for the adjustment process. There is a button for sliding the distance between eyes and screens, so the headset is suitable for customers with glasses, and there is a lot of space.

Oculus Rift S tracking system and setup

With the new Rift S, Oculus delivered a new tracking system. Inside-out tracking doesn’t require external sensors, which in start offers more freedom but also less precision than with the base station setup. Oculus Rift S uses five cameras on the headset that track controllers and head movement with computer vision. You will have full room-scale tracking and six-degrees of freedom. There is no need for a complex setup with cables and sensors all over the room. Rift S touch controllers are entirely the same as Oculus Quest controllers with a tracking ring on the top and excellent build quality. The controllers have thumbsticks, a grip button, and a button on the top along with the trigger.

You will need a DisplayPort and USB 3.0 cable to use the Rift S with your PC. The DisplayPort goes into a graphic card. 

With no external sensors, the main limitation is the length of the cable connecting headset with the PC. The original cable is five meters long. This sounds sufficient. However, in order to move around properly, you’ll need plenty of slack. The cable has to travel from your PC to the floor and across the floor before going up to your headset. You’ll lose at least two meters just from computer to floor and floor to headset. That gives you a three-meter movement range. 

That’s why you need the best Rift S extension cables possible.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Firstly, you should note that the Oculus Rift S uses two wires, DisplayPort and USB 3.0, and although the new Oculus has a longer 5m cable, there is still a need for extensions. 

Oculus Rift S DisplayPort extension cables

The longer your DisplayPort or USB 3.0 is the more the signal will degrade. In fact, the maximum extended length should be 3 meters, giving a total of 8 meters. Anything more than this will cause problems with your virtual reality experience unless you have an inline booster. 

For DisplayPort you’ll need to plug the male DP cable end into the female end of the extension cable, the other part of the extension goes into your gaming PC. Here are our top picks for extension cables.

Rankie DP Extension Cable,

Rankie DP Extension Cable
Rankie DP Extension Cable

The Rankie DisplayPort extension cable has one male end and one female. It’s a popular choice with the VR enthusiast communities because it’s reasonably priced and effective. The cable is six feet long and can transmit high definition audio and video signal. It’s designed to support up to 4K 3840×2160 and audio pass-thru including uncompressed multichannel signals That means you can use 2 channels, 5.1, o 7.1 surround. It’s also good for 1080P (Full HD).

This cable has a proven record for extending VR headsets. It has gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil and braid shielding. You’ll also note the latched connector, the cable can’t be removed unless you press the release button.

Check the price on Amazon

Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable

Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable
Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable

This offering from Cable Matters is 10 feet long, you can also get a 3-foot long option. Just like the Rankie cable it has gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil and braid shielding. It also has one male and one female connector, making adding it your system exceptionally easy.

The cable supports up to 4K resolution, 3840 x 2160, and a variety of sound channels including 7.1, 5.1, and 2 channel. It will effectively carry your signal the extra distance while maintaining picture and audio integrity.

This cable is also latched to ensure it can’t be pulled apart accidentally, you’ll also note the molded strain relief plug. It’s a good option and comparable in price to the Rankie offering. It also has a non-slip surface, making it easier to grab the cable when needed.  

Check the price on Amazon

Oculus Rift S USB 3.0 extension cables

The setup for USB 3.0 Type-A extension cable is similar to DP. You will need to plug the male USB-A cable room the Rift S to the female end of the extension cable, and then plug the USB-A cable into your PC.

UGREEN 2 Pack USB Extension Cable USB 3.0

UGREEN 2 Pack USB Extension Cable USB 3.0
UGREEN 2 Pack USB Extension Cable USB 3.0

UGREEN 2 Pack USB extension cable USB 3.0 is a Type-A male to A female cable, providing an instantaneous plug-in connection. 

This extension cable is 6ft/1.8m long, although there is a second offering of 3ft/90cm if you prefer a shorter extension cable. The extender supports high-speed data transfer up to 5Gbps, that’s as much as ten times faster than a USB 2.0 cable which makes a significant difference to the image quality when using your Rift S.

Technical specifications include metal wire braid, gold-plated connectors, and anti-abrasive plastic case. This protects the cable from interference by EMI or RFI. The metal braid ensures the cable is flexible but also durable.

In fact, it’s tested to ensure it can be plugged in and out at least 10,000 times. It’s definitely a viable choice when extending your Rift S.

Check the price on Amazon

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable
Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable is a premium USB 3.0 repeater cable that has gold-plated connectors and foil & braid shielding. For surprisingly little money this Cable Matters USB 3.0 extension cable offers up to 5Gbps of data transfer, you’ll need that for optimum VR performance. 

It should be noted that this is 6ft long but you can purchase the same cable on 3ft or even 10ft. Although the longer cable is not recommended. 

The majority of users have positive experiences to report. Interestingly, this is one of the cables checked with Rift S in a real test environment.

This cable also benefits from molded strain relief connectors, grip treads to facilitate plugging and unplugging, and premium engineering to ensure durability.

It has gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid shielding. In short, everything you need to maintain a high-quality signal.

Check the price on Amazon

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable
AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable

AmazonBasics USB 3.0 Extension Cable has the necessary male to female ends with a maximum length of 9.8 feet/3 meters. That will ensure your passive signal remains powerful enough to allow you to enjoy the gaming experience.

The cable comes with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors to provide the best possible signal quality. It also has protection from electromagnetic noise and can handle up to 4.8Gbit/s. 

The cable also insulates against radio frequencies, helping to make sure you’re signal is undiluted between your PC and your Rift S headset.

It’s a simple piece of kit that does the job you need it to do, for a very affordable price. In fact, you’ll be hard-pushed to beat this cable.

Check the price on Amazon

Cable Matters DisplayPort Repeater

This small black box from Cable Matters is the perfect solution if you need more cable than the recommended 6ft. It is designed to connect to your DisplayPort extension cable and boost the signal. This increases the distance the signal can travel, allowing you even greater game freedom.

It’s designed to allow the extension of DP cables to 32 feet without losing signal quality. It supports high-bandwidth and 32.4Gbps. The signal remains strong enough to provide 8K video, that’s 7680×4320. It will also support 5k, 4K Ultra HD, and Full HD.

It’s effective but it does require an external power supply. You’ll need to consider this when positioning your repeater.

Check the price on Amazon


Oculus Rift S changed the tracking system, which automatically enabled more freedom. Losing the outside sensors allowed easier movement through the VR experience. But, there are some other drawbacks, and the accuracy of the tracking is on top of the list. That’s something that is likely to be addressed in the next version!

Despite the lack of more sensors, the Rift S remains tethered to your gaming PC. To get better immersion and more freedom when playing, you’ll need to invest in the best Rift S extension cables. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. Simply choose your preference from the list above and purchase the best DisplayPort and USB3.0 cables for your Oculus Rift S. It may be the best decision you ever make!

Best Valve Index Extension Cables In 2021


It is fair to say that the Valve Index is one of the best, if not the best, virtual reality headset currently available. It’s a stylish bit of kit with finger tracking controllers and impressive audio, alongside this it has the best display resolution of any VR headset.

You’ll also find that it’s one of the most comfortable VR sets on the market, which is great if you want to game for hours at a time. However, you’re probably already aware that VR gaming can leave you sweaty, a good cover is essential to save having to clean your face gasket every day.

But, as always, there are a few issues that need to be resolved. The frustration of having to set up the base stations is one of them, but the one I want to look at today is Valve Index extension cables.

The Purpose of Extension Cables

By itself the Valve Index must be tethered to your PC, this is standard for VR headsets at the moment. However, this can be frustrating and limit your ability to play, especially when you’re trying to use the whole of the room.

The use of extension cables is essential, if possible, you need to make these cables virtually disappear. You don’t want to be worrying about the cables while you’re in the middle of your favorite game.

By getting the cable set up right you’ll have the freedom to move and really explore the space within your VR game.

The Problem With Cable Extensions

The biggest issue with extending cables is that you’ll lose signal quality. A passive DP cable can only be used for distances up to 10 feet, or 3 meters. This may sound sufficient but, if your space is bigger than this or the cables aren’t taking a direct route, you’re going to need something extra.

Consider this, a ceiling cable system is best for movement and safety. It can take 2 meters of cable to go from the PC to the ceiling, and another meter from the ceiling to your headset. That means your passive DP cable is fully stretched and you’re stood next to your PC, even a 5-meter cable will only give you a radius of 2 meters from your base unit. That’s simply not enough. 

The best option to extend the cables even further is an active cable extension. An active cable extension uses a copper cable that is linked to an electronic circuit. This allows the signal strength to be boosted giving you the ability to play further away from your PC. 

The electronic signal is the main difference between passive and active cables.

The problem with active cables is that the electronic signal can actually create its own interference, specifically attenuation and crosstalk. To compensate for this some cables have circuits integrated into them which are designed to reduce the interference caused by the cable.

Of course, not all cables are created equal. In fact, there is still a gap in this area of the market which means there are a limited number of options available. However, that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with different solutions.

 When you realize you need a greater range of movement then you need the right extension cables, the following are worth looking at.

The CableMatters DisplayPort to Display Port Extension

The CableMatters DisplayPort to Display Port Extension
The CableMatters DisplayPort to Display Port Extension

The CableMatters is a reasonable quality cable, although perhaps not the best option on this list.

Cable Matters offers an array of different size options, every cable has gold-plated connectors, a secure latching system, and supports 4K:

Size Options

You can choose between 3 feet, 6 feet, or 10 feet, depending on how much cable you need. All the different lengths of cable are constructed the same, providing you with a high-quality product. It has gold-plated connectors and bare copper conductors to maximize signal transmission. 

In addition, the cable utilizes foil and braid shielding to reduce interference and ensure you get the best possible picture and audio.

Image Quality

At 4K, the equivalent of 3840 x 2160 you’ll be impressed with the high quality of the image on your screen. The gold-plated construction helps to maintain the highest quality signal.

Alongside the image quality, you’ll find the sound remains high-quality, whether you want 7.1, 5.1, or 2-channel.


It’s worth noting that the Cable Matters cable uses a latch when connecting to your PC or headset. This ensures the cable stays in place, no matter how active you get; Just remember to release the button before pulling the cable out.  

Point To Note: Production Issues

There have been several reports regarding dropping signal and this cable won’t work with all brands of extension cables. In addition, this is designed for the Valve Index, it doesn’t work with many other brands.

These incidents appear rare but they should be noted.

Check the price on Amazon

Bifale DP Fiber Cable

Bifale DP Fiber Cable
Bifale DP Fiber Cable

Bifale DP Fiber Cable is a surprisingly good option and one that you should consider if you need a lot of extra length for your VR system. In fact, it is probably the best option for any system and it will allow you to locate your computer almost anywhere!

Check out the specs. The cable is a whopping 33ft long, has a 4-core optical fiber cable that supports high-resolution, and active DP 1.4. It’s also surprisingly thin and very flexible. That makes it perfect for the high-stress environment of virtual reality. 

Despite its length, this is actually one of the best extension cables you’ll find on the market.  

Transmission Range

If you can run it as low as 60Hz then you’ll get 8k imaging. However, at a more realistic 165Hz, you’ll still get a respectable 4K, that’s a 3840 X 2160 resolution. 

Alongside this, you’ll get 7.1 Dolby sound, although it can also support 5.1 and basic 2-channel.

That’s pretty impressive audio and visual carrying capability along 33 feet of cable!


The cable is just 4.8mm thick and yet because it is made from military aramid fiber, it has high tensile strength and can actually withstand a huge number of 90° bends.


The design has been considered carefully and this cable is compatible with virtually every graphics card currently available. It can handle temperatures between 14°F and 176°F. 

But, perhaps most impressive is the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. There is a free replacement option for life if you have a quality issue with the cable. 

The Bad: Cable Issues

It is worth noting that some users have had issues with the quality of the cable, including flickering screens, an inability to handle higher Hz, and even signal failure.

This does seem to be on a small number of cables but it is important to be aware of it. 

Check the price on Amazon

Bifale DP Cable 10ft

Bifale DP Cable 10ft
Bifale DP Cable 10ft

Bifale DP Cable is just 10ft long and doesn’t offer the same level of quality as the previous Bifale. However, it is extremely cheap.

This cable has silver-plated connectors, copper foil ring, and is extremely well priced 


Price shouldn’t be a defining factor when choosing a cable for your Valve Index but, after spending so much on the machine, you may need to temporarily get a cheap cable extension.  If that’s the situation you find yourself in this could be the cable for you.

It’s hard to find another cable that offers good quality at an attractive price.

Reduced Attenuation

Although the cable isn’t to the same standard as Bifale’s other offering, it is worth noting that this has a unique copper foil ring which actually reduces attenuation. That’s pretty impressive considering the price of this cable. 

Triple Shielding

The cable is PET braided and triple shielded. It’s also tested to ensure it can be plugged in and out at least 5,000 times. You won’t need to do it anywhere near that many times as you can leave it plugged in.

The Bad: High Res & Refresh rate Support

Your graphic card will need to support high res, such as 1080P and a fast refresh rate. If your machine doesn’t support this you’ll limit the usability of this extension, especially when you consider the low-quality resolution!

Low Image Quality

It’s important to be aware that despite needing a high res screen and graphic driver, this cable only offers 60Hz to display 4K, you’re likely to get a better quality picture running 2K at 144/165Hz.

If you’re only playing low spec games you’ll be okay with this cable, anything higher spec is likely to leave you with a flickering screen, or nothing at all. 

Check the price on Amazon

Tripp Lite Display Port Extension cable

Tripp Lite Display Port Extension cable
Tripp Lite Display Port Extension cable

Tripp Lite Display Port Extension cable is one of the cheapest options and has a limited range. But, it’s also durable, well-made, and likely to last for years of use.

It can support resolutions up to 3840×2160, has a secure latching connector, comes in a variety of sizes, and can work with DisplayPort v1.2, DPCP, and HDCP 2.2.

Image Quality

Providing you don’t go over 10 feet long the quality of the image with this cable remains extremely good. It is designed to offer 1080p and it does this level of quality well. Of course, it can also do better than this. It supports 3840 x 2160, that’s 4K x 2K at 60Hz.


There s little doubt that this cable is well made and should last for years. It has a flexible PVC jacket to protect it against flexes, bends, and even kinks. You’ll also appreciate the latching connector that ensures a good fit into your sockets, even when you’re working in a limited space. 

You should also note the gold-plated connectors and the fact that it’s double-shielded to maximize the signal quality.

White Noise

It’s worth noting that several users have reported white noise with this cable, it gets worse depending on the length of the cable you use. However, if you’re aware of this before you but, it’s possible to  add some filters to the cable to eliminate this.


This cable as one male and one female end, in effect it is designed to add length to another cable, this means they’ll be an additional join in your system. As connections are where signals are easily lost, that’s not necessarily a welcome addition to your VR system. Although in this instance it may be the only option.

Check the price on Amazon

Hiding The Cables

You can leave the cables lying across the floor and hope that you don’t trip over them as you spin around in your virtual world. However, you can get around this problem by relocating your PC and using pulleys.

The idea is to place your PC as high as you can, (although this is not essential), with it still feeling secure. The cables then run from the PC to a pulley or two, before going to your headset. The pulleys allow you to pull cable in or out automatically as you move and they avoid the issue of wires being on the ground.

A top tip when creating this system is to use more than one pulley, this reduces the tension on the cable which will reduce pull on your head as you play.

It’s worth trying different combinations to get the pulley system that works best for you.

Adding The Booster

It’s possible to add a booster into your line to amplify the signal while ensuring that the booster doesn’t affect gameplay.  If this is something you need then you should take a look at the StarTech Displayport signal booster by StarTech.

This active booster will transform your signal, making it possible for it to travel up to 65ft with a standard DP cable.

The booster works similarly to the active cable, instead of having an electronic booster in the cable, it’s a separate unit. This makes it more viable to repair if something goes wrong. 

It offers 4K resolution and is compatible with DisplayPort technology. Although it’s primary function is aimed at the classroom, it is a great extra bit of kit when building your perfect VR gaming space.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the different cables on offer it seems that your best chance of success with Valve Index extension cables is to use one cable. The worst problems occur when you need a coupler to join cables. 

However, depending on your current set up, it may not be possible to avoid using a connector or different types of cable. It really is a case of trial and error. 

Of course, your preferred extension cable will depend on the length of cable you need, the bigger the play area, and the further it is from your computer the longer the cable will need to be.

If you’re struggling to get a quality image or sound you should consider using a shorter cable and moving the computer, it is likely to be the easiest solution. However, the 33ft Bifale fiber cable is potentially the best option on this list, it may be worth investing in as it offers the great picture quality that you need when using the Valve Index.

Valve Index Replacement Cables


In a perfect world, there would be no cables, everything would be wireless and work without lag or crossing frequencies.

Unfortunately, we’re not in a perfect world yet, cables are an essential part of the Valve Index, bringing you an authentic visual reality experience. Of course, cables that are moved constantly will be under a considerable amount of stress, which is likely to cause damage and ruin your virtual experience.

The key to enjoying your Valve Index is to be prepared. That means checking the cables regularly and keeping a spare set of cables ready. 

VRborg is here to guide you through the cables that can be replaced, suggest some of the best Valve Index Replacement Cables currently available, and even how to inspect them properly.

Inspecting Your Cables

It’s a good idea to inspect your cables every week, this will help to ensure you note any issues before they affect your gameplay.

The first stage is to look at the entire length of the cable. At the same time run your hand along the cable to feel for any damage. Kinked cable or cable that has been squashed can appear okay but you’ll notice it feels damaged.  This will interfere with the signal.

Once you’ve checked the length of the cable inspect the ends, this is where the most tension occurs. Although many cables are designed to resist the strains of being tugged during gameplay, they can still show signs of wear.

Finally, take a look at the actual connection point. If there is any sign of damage you’ll want to replace the cables.

Having a spare set ready means there is no downtime.

Replaceable Valve Index Cables

Let’s take a look at which cables can be replaced:

  • Valve index base station power cable

This cable is unlikely to be damaged as it runs from your base station to your PC. Once you’ve put it in position it shouldn’t need to be moved, making it unlikely that you’ll damage it. 

Of course, it is always possible which is why you should consider having a spare base station power cable available.

The power supply for the main unit is 12v, you can actually use the HTC Vive power supply cable if necessary, or you can purchase a new cable with the same specs. 

  • Headset Cable

Your headset is a critical part of your equipment, it’s what enables you to see in your virtual world and helps to make it believable. The Valve Index uses one cable with three ports at one end and just one port that plugs directly into your headset. It’s referred to as a Trident cable.

At the other end of the cable, there are three ports, a DisplayPort, a power connection, and a USB. Both of these go into your computer. The DisplayPort allows data to move between your base unit and your headset. It’s what makes the virtual experience possible.

The USB cable works alongside the DisplayPort connection to complete the experience. The power port goes into the dedicated box and plugs into the main supply. It’s worth being aware that you can purchase an adaptor that will allow you to power all elements of the Valve Index from one source. Simply plug your cables into this small box and its single cable hook up will allow you to create power for all parts of the system in one go.

It’s important to note that this is a specially designed cable, it creates a unique connection between your headset and the base unit/power supply. While this is very efficient and generally reliable, it has previously caused an issue if it becomes damaged.

Fortunately, it’s no longer just Valve Index that supplies a replacement cable. There are options available on the market and it’s worth having one spare. 

Best Valve Index Replacement Cables

The first thing you need is a good replacement power supply, just in case. The Belker universal is a good option. 

You’ll then want a spare trident cable, the good news is you can get a third-party one. 

Finally, you’ll want to consider extending your play area and the ability to move around. The Trident cable is a clever piece of kit but it is limited to six meters, that’s a five-meter tether and the one-meter breakaway section. 

If your play area is relatively small this may be enough. But, to protect the original Trident cable and extend your gameplay, it is possible to extend the individual cables. You simply need to choose the best Valve Index Replacement cables, which we’ve listed later in this article.

Belker 36W Universal Power Cable

Belker 36W Universal Power Cable
Belker 36W Universal Power Cable

The Belker 36W universal power cable is a great back-up power supply. Because it can operate at a range of voltages, from three to twelve, it can serve a variety of purposes in your home. Of course, one of these is as a backup supply for your Valve Index.

It runs between half an amp and three amps, with a max rating of 2500mA. You’ll find there are eight interchangeable tips included in your power cable, ensuring you have the right connector for your Valve Index and a host of other household devices. 

More impressively, it has built-in circuit protection from over-voltage, excess current, power surges, and even excessive temperature. It may shut your game off but it will protect your Valve Index.

Check the price on Amazon

Trebleet Headset Cable

Headset Cable Kit for Valve Index
Headset Cable Kit for Valve Index

Trebleet is one of the few manufacturers making a replacement cable for your Valve Index headset. This offering from Trebleet can only be used with the Valve Index.

It mimics the original cable, with one port for your headset and three at the other end to create power and high-quality data signals.

This is a well-built replacement cable that will keep you playing. In fact, many users state that this is better than the original, more robust, and less likely to kink. It isn’t the cheapest option but, as it can be a slow process getting a cable from Valve Index and you’ll only get a free replacement if yours is damaged and you bought the system new.

In other words, this is a viable option if you want to get back online quickly or if you want a spare that will keep you playing.

Check the price on Amazon

Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension

Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable
Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Extension Cable

Cable Matters are one of the best-known cable manufacturers and with good reason. This Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort extension cable is reasonably priced, ten feet long, and will support video resolutions up to 4K, that’s 3840×2160. It will even handle digital audio, offering 7.1, 5.1, or 2 channel sound.

It has a latched connector system to ensure it can’t be accidentally pulled apart. You’ll also note the gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and the foil/braid shielding. 

In short, this is an excellent choice to extend the DisplayPort cable on your Valve Index.

Check the price on Amazon

Rankie DP Extension Cable

Rankie DP Extension Cable
Rankie DP Extension Cable

Rankie also offers a DisplayPort extension cable. This offering is a little cheaper than the one from Cable Matters. However, it should be noted that it is only six-foot-long, not ten. 

The cable is well designed and can handle 4K video resolution as well as uncompressed 7.1, 5.1, or 2 channel audio. It also sports gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil/braid shielding. This doesn’t just ensure the signal stays strong. It also protects the cable from damage when bent. Of course, it’s not recommended to try this too many times. 

This cable also had the latch to ensure the connection remains secure, you’ll have to press the button before you can release the cables. 

The Rankie cable also benefits from anti-oxidation which means it will resist rust and corrosion. With generally very positive reviews this is certainly one of the best Valve Index replacement cables currently available.

Check the price on Amazon

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable 

Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable
Cable Matters USB to USB Extension Cable 

Cable Matters know you need a good USB cable to join your DP one. That’s why they’ve created this USB to USB extension cable. 

This cable is also 10 feet long, although you can also purchase a six or three-foot-long one. It’s designed to support USB 2.0 and 3.0, giving you the fastest possible data transfer and quality of gameplay. USB 3.0 transmits up to 5 Gbps and is ten times faster than 2.0.

The cable has gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, foil/braid shielding, and strain-relief connectors. Combine these with effective grip treads and the stress on your connections is dramatically reduced. 

The cable is also tested to ensure it can be bent up to 10,000 times without damaging its ability to transfer data. It is not advisable to test this claim.  

Check the price on Amazon

Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable
Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable

This budget option cable is actually a great choice for your Valve Index. You can purchase it in a variety of lengths, ranging from 3.3 feet to 9.8 feet. That’s 1-3 meters. 

The connectors are corrosion-resistant, gold-plated, and shielding. This ensures minimal signal disruption and maximum enjoyment when playing. The shielding also protects against noise from electromagnetic signals.

It operates with USB 3.0 which reduces power draw and allows data transfer of up to 4.8Gbps. Of course, it is backward compatible.

The cable is black, well-made, and has strain-relief connectors to reduce the likelihood of cable damage during vigorous gameplay.

It may be the Amazon Basic choice but it’s a popular, durable, and reliable cable. What else do you need?

Check the price on Amazon

Additional Issue – Power cable for lighthouse

The lighthouse is the tracking system for your Valve Index. With the aid of two laser emitting base stations the Valve Index can track your every move and provide a realistic virtual reality experience. It’s worth noting that the supplied bases need to be mounted in opposite corners of your play space. You can also add 2 extra bases to expand your play range to as much as 100m².

The base stations should be positioned no more than 16ft apart and they should be above head height, at least 6.5ft above the ground with a downward angle of 30-45°, this should ensure they are pointing directly at the center of the play area and will help to make sure you have smooth gameplay. The base stations can vibrate, you need to make sure they are properly secured as even small movements can cause the system to struggle with tracking your movements.

Of course, this is the perfect set-up, you’ll need to work with the space you have available. 

But, one thing is certain, the power cables for your base stations need to be long enough to reach the power source because these are linked to the main unit via cables. Unfortunately, the cables that come with the Valve Index are just 15ft long. This may be enough but you may feel longer replacement cables are to support the maximum possible play area.

Each cable has a female connector measuring 5.5mm x 2.1mm Barrel Jack. You’ll want to look for either a replacement or an extension on Amazon. These will allow you to extend the range and position the lighthouse exactly where you need it to be.

You’ll need a 5.5m DC plug power adaptor which will need to be suitable for a 12V supply. There are several possibilities but the Hanvex HDCQ12W is one of the best currently available. 

If the standard cables are sufficient in length then you may not need to add extensions. Considering the lighthouse units don’t generally move, the cables won’t usually get damaged or need replacing.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right spare cables will help to ensure you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Simply inspect your cables regularly and replace them with the best Valve Index replacement cables on this list, if they are showing any signs of wear.