As Virtual Reality gains popularity, more and more VR headsets are being sold online and in stores. In fact, it’s getting difficult to discern between which are actually great VR goggles and which ones are not worth to even look at.

This BoboVR Z4 review is meant to address some of these doubts. By dissecting its external and internal features, we pretend to give you a closer look to what these VR goggles offer and if they can let you be as fully immersed in a different dimension as you want to be.

As with everything, the BoboVR Z4 model has its upsides and downsides so let’s begin with what exactly you would be getting if you decide to purchase it:

BoboVR Z4 Features

The BoboVR Z4 is one of the cheapest Virtual Reality headsets you can get on the market. It is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and it can support any model with a screen of up to 6 inches big, such as most Samsung Galaxy phones and even iPhones 8 and X.

BoboVR Z4 Lenses and Headphones

The BoboVR uses imported PMMA Japanese materials and two lenses with 35mm of focal distance that offer 120° of large visuals, allowing you to see more than what you are used to in photographs and computers.

Alongside the goggles, this headset comes with integrated headphones for a wider audio experience as well. The BoboVR Z4 uses a patented design that assists gamers with sound-proof earphones that not only provide heavy bass and neat highs but that will also let you dive deep into the games and truly leave your surroundings behind.

This hi-tech gadget uses PET materials in Sheet Molding Technology, and the phonics engineers behind it ensured that you can get explosive simulations when playing. The headset is light yet tough, and both the goggles and the headphones are comfortable to wear.

The BoboVr Z4 guarantees high-quality sound even if your smartphone can’t deliver the best audio, and it also offers stereo sound of 360° at higher volume and low undertones.

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BoboVR Z4 External Features

On the exterior of the headset, you can find a volume adjustment wheel and a multi-function button that allows you to Play, Pause, and many other actions depending on the games you are playing. Likewise, it’s perfect to let you take a phone call even if you’re in the middle of the game.

Similarly, you’ll find a diopter adjustment and a PD adjustment. The first can be turned from left to right to let you have precise, neat visuals, even if you have eyesight problems. The BoboVR Z4 covers 0°-800° of myopia and 0°-400° of hyperopia, meaning there’s no need for you to wear your glasses to play.

The PD Adjustment is a wheel that gives even more control over each individual’s experience as it allows graphics alterations that lower the possibilities of blackouts thanks to the synchro move of the glasses.

Lastly, there is the mechanic touch screen button for your smartphone, which is placed on the bottom of the headset. Its presence eliminates the need to connect via Bluetooth as you can press the button to shoot, confirm, go to the next page, etc. This button supports both Android and iOS operation.

BoboVR Z4 Construction

The BoboVR Z4 has been made with a top-grade, half-transparent design that lets the smartphones catch a scene even through the cover. The headset features Smartphone Thermolysis that uses a stainless steel with high elastic force to keep the phone in place, allowing the air to float between it and your face thus ensuring that the heat is spread out evenly.

Likewise, it has a Face Thermolysis design with air vents on the upper and lower side. The face foam doesn’t let any light in, preventing the lenses to get foggy or the face to get sweaty. This is particularly useful when playing very active games.

This headset has been manufactured to fit face sizes and shapes from all over the world as its slow rebound sponge will adapt to your face structure no matter what. Similarly, it comes with adjustable headings that let you increase or decrease the stress on the head, depending on when you feel the pressure points.

What Games Can You Play With BoboVR Z4?

The BoboVRZ4 comes with a unique Google Cardboard QR code when you purchase it. This means that ever Cardboard game is compatible with this headset. There are uncountable downloadable games you can get for free, although some of them can cost $1, $2, and even $7 to $10, depending on the app.

Apps that require pressing a trigger or take action can still be played thanks to its Touch Screen button. Although it might not be so easy to press, it’s still a great feature that lets you play pretty every game you can find in VR so far.

Likewise, you can use the BoboVR Z4 to watch movies or videos directly from YouTube.

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User Complaints About the BoboVR Z4

When you read a BoboVR Z4 review, you’ll normally see some of the following concerns addressed: small field of view when using certain smartphone models, headphones fitting loosely, or the button not hitting the screen on the phone.

The BoboVR Z4 works best when using big smartphones than smaller ones. This is completely the opposite to what normally happens with VR goggles but because the field of view of the Z4 is so wide, some phone screens are not big enough to let you truly appreciate 120° visuals.

As for the headphones, they don’t apply any pressure on your ears, making some of the audio quality to be lost in the process, which is a shame considering the amount of time spent engineering the audio system.

Lastly, the action button seems to be hard to press and sometimes doesn’t manage to get the smartphone to do anything at all, making it almost impossible to play certain games.


The BoboVR Z4 is an excellent choice for gamers who are starting out in Virtual Reality. It’s affordable, quite functional, and can be bought for an incredible price. Of course, you can find better VR headsets out there but if you can’t afford them, the Z4 will do its job and offer you a door to all of these games, as long as you own a smartphone that can play them.

You have to keep in mind that if you own a small phone, you might not be able to get the best of this headset. Likewise, an upgraded version, the BoboVR Z5, has already come out and can be bought on stores so if you can afford that one, go for the newer version instead.

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