The Best iPhone VR Headset With Controller


We understand the problems of iPhone users as they cannot enjoy several things that other smartphone owners are enjoying in today’s world. So, iPhone users are now facing trouble in finding the high-quality VR headsets while other smartphone owners are enjoying a great time with VR devices as they have lots of options available.

It’s a fact that Apple hasn’t yet introduced its VR headset but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any VR headsets that can be attached to the iPhone. There are a number of options that iPhone users can use to experience the beauty of this incredible technology. But the problem is that iPhone users are facing some problems with these VR headsets.

And the common problem that every iPhone user is facing is that they are unable to find the VR headsets that come with the controller. Those who have used VR headsets several times clearly understand the importance of controllers, therefore, we have jumped into the ring to prepare a list of The Best iPhone VR Headset With Controller so that you may find a remarkable solution to your problem.

So, let’s take a look at the best iPhone VR headsets with controller that can help you enjoy a remarkable experience.

ATXXY VR Headset with Remote Controller

ATXXY has earned a great reputation in the VR industry as they have successfully introduced the affordable VR headset for iPhone users. The price of this VR headset isn’t the only element that has made it prominent in the VR world but its unique features have also played an essential role in achieving this goal. And most important of all, it comes with a smooth and comfortable remote controller.

We know that would prefer listening to the features that you can enjoy with its remote controller but we’d also like to highlight the features that we enjoyed while we were using this VR headset. We would highly recommend this VR headset if you want to enjoy an immersive panoramic theatre experience. The headset is designed with soft material that provides you with a comfortable experience for a very long time.

Now, let’s talk about the feature that has brought you here. Well, the remote controller that comes with this headset is designed in a unique and stylish way. It’s designed in a way that even a beginner will feel very comfortable while using it. We played several games to test the quality of the controller and we found it really comfortable. The size of the remote controller is pretty impressive. And most important of all, it is manufactured with the reliable material.

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This VR headset is considered to be one of the best in the VR industry as it comes with some unique features that are rarely found in other headsets. We know that readers aren’t interested in knowing these features but we can’t keep ourselves from revealing the facts we discovered while using this headset. Its ergonomic design is the first thing that made us a huge fan of this headset. It provides a comfortable experience and doesn’t put any pressure on any part of our face.

It has adjustable lenses installed in it and it provides you with an incredible cinematic experience. Now, before you start throwing offensive comments at us let’s talk about the element that will make you go crazy. Yes, we are talking about the remote controller that comes with this headset. The remote controller is perfectly designed according to the needs of different users.

You’d definitely appreciate our opinion when you’d use this remote controller for the first time. The keys provided in this controller are perfect for all types of games and videos. You can use this controller as a Gamepad, VR remote, and a Music control.

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DESTEK V4 VR headset

We know that we have already taken a lot of your time. So, let’s not get into the details of other features and let’s directly jump towards the remote controller. But before that, we must say that it is an incredible piece of art and the designers have put a lot of effort into designing this headset.

The designers have also shown their skills on the remote controller and they have designed a completely unique and stylish controller. If you like stylish products, it’s going to be the perfect shot for you. We also used other remote controllers but this one was made with different material. We must say that Desket has some hired great designers for their team.

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The article has already gone too far and we are not going to stretch it anymore. Just go and buy the iPhone VR headset that suits you the best and enjoy a remarkable experience. We bet that you’d be very happy after using these headsets. Stay blessed.