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The Best Headphones for Gear VR

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Audio plays a huge part when it comes to virtual reality. For this reason, investing in a pair of high-quality headphones for your Gear VR sounds (no pun) like a good idea. This is pretty much the case with any VR headset – good audio makes virtual reality even more immersive, hence significantly improving the overall experience. When it comes to buying the best headphones for Gear VR, firstly you’ll have to decide whether you prefer lightweight Bluetooth headphones (earbuds), or the more robust over-the-ear headphones.

In-ear Bluetooth Headphones for Gear VR

If you prefer lightweight wireless headphones, then Bluetooth headphones are the way to go for you. Going wireless also ensures you won’t get all tangled up during your Gear VR sessions. Most of the time you will probably forget that you are even wearing them. Unless you forget to charge them before use, this makes it a sealed deal for most people.

Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX is designed for people who like to enjoy their music while exercising. They are completely wireless and offer up to 7 hours of battery life. In about 10 minutes of charging time, you gain an hour of battery life, so the earbuds are fully charged in about an hour. However, charging should never be an issue – you just simply put the earbuds in the compact carrying case.

Since Samsung Gear IconX headphones are built for fitness, they will remain in place no matter how much you move your head around. They have a 4GB built-in storage, so you can store approximately 1,000 songs on them. The mic is also incorporated, so you can answer calls or give voice commands via Bixby or Google Voice. This is certainly a pair of headphones for Gear VR which you can use in various other situations too. While they are a bit pricey, the sound quality and superb comfort they provide is definitely worth it!

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Samsung Level U Wireless Headphones

This pair of Samsung headphones once again features a sleek design. The Level U Wireless Headphones provide a very comfortable fit, suitable for long-term use. Even if you aren’t wearing them at the time, the lightweight, around-the-neck design makes it easy to forget you are carrying them with you. Sound quality is satisfying, but it won’t really blow you away.

The bad thing about these headphones is that, due to design, the outside sounds cannot be stopped from leaking in. Additionally, it isn’t really sweat-proof, so if you tend to sweat a lot, the aforementioned Samsung Gear IconX may be a better pick as your headphones for Gear VR. All things considered, the Level U Wireless Headphones are a worthy in-ear headphone option.

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Over-the-ear Headphones for Gear VR

At a first glance, over-the-ear headphones may not look as they could improve immersion as much as the in-ear solutions. But this isn’t necessarily true, because the over-the-ear design can utilize outside noise-cancelling technology.

Bose QuietComfort 35 & Bose QuietComfort 25

Bose has been known as the top-dog when it comes to manufacturing high-end wireless headphones. They have established themselves as the market leader in this field. Bose QuietComfort 35 offers top-notch noise cancellation which you can adjust to fit your current needs.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 aren’t only the best headphones for Gear VR, but possibly on the entire wireless headphones market. The downside, as expected, is the price – it goes over $300 mark. If you don’t want to spend $300+ on a pair of headphones, check out the older version from Bose – QC25.

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Edifier H840 headphones for Gear VR

In the end, we have the best headphones for Gear VR runner-up, which provides noise-cancellation, but more importantly, it costs under $50. The H840 provides pristine sound quality and good outside sound blocking. Edifier came up with fairly straight-forward, yet effective design, with emphasis on comfort. Earcups are enclosed, providing full audio isolation from the outside world, hence improving the immersion. The headband is steel reinforced and can accommodate all the sizes, while the headrests are made out of leather.

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These are the hands down best VRBorg’s picks for Gear VR headphones. There’s something for everyone, so pick your pair and immerse yourself like never before!

Sincerely yours,

VRBorg team

What Are The Best VR Headsets for Watching Porn?

vr porn on the gear vr

For the average connoisseur of porn, VR is really a dream come true. After all, watching porn on the standard monitor is so – well – flat. What’s the use of using your discernment and fine-tuned judgment to select the absolutely best porn videos of all time, with porn stars you would love to explore the limits of your imagination with, if it’s all in 2D? What use is a porn universe without real ‘curves’? Well, technology has finally solved that little problem, and the horizons of porn just gained a whole new dimension… in VR.

The experience is interesting – just about every VR video on the market today has you take on the role of one of the participants. This means that the cameras are actually mounted on the participant’s head, giving you a first-person point of view, in gamer parlance. And the range of genres is amazing – there’s everything from gentle seduction scenarios to the most hard-core videos.

There’s something for everyone, including a feminine or gay audience. This includes straight sex, lesbian videos, gay experiences and BDSM – truly just about anything that a viewer might prefer. VR porn features all the diversity that modern porn exhibits (ah, no pun intended).

lesbian VR porn

It goes without saying that there are plenty of places on the net where you can find good VR porn. However, to help you out, some of the best sites associated with VR porn are SexlikeReal, Naughty America VR, VirtualRealPorn.com, PornHub and BadoinkVR. Visit these, and you can spend hours exercising your discernment and aesthetic senses in choosing the best VR porn in the universe. While some of those sites may be familiar to you, others specially serve the VR porn niche, and just about any site that features VR porn will have made an effort to show compatibility with major headsets on the market today, from the Gear VR to the Oculus Rift.

Which of course brings us to the important question…

Just which of the VR headsets on the market today is best for watching porn in VR?

And the answer is, several of them. We’ll tell you not only how to access and watch porn on the different headsets available today, but how to maximize that experience.

best headsets for VR porn

You’ll also need a special viewer with some headsets, especially if you want to watch 360 degree videos in VR. The Whirligig player is excellent for this, so if you need it, you can install it from the website. And now, on to the best VR headsets to watch porn with. Let’s start with…

How to see porn with a Windows MR helmet

It’s a little known secret that the Windows MR headsets are GREAT for porn.

Why’s that you ask? Well, they don’t come with a full-size rubber robot who moves in sync with the action you’re seeing in VR…  …yet! Though there are quite a variety of VR sex toys available on Amazon.

However, what MR headsets do is offer lovely screen resolutions that are better than the basic HTC Vive. Best of all, most of them also allow you to raise the front of the headset so you can ‘return to reality’ fairly easily, which allows you to check if someone is making a video of you watching porn in VR.

Let’s cut to the chase

If you’ve bought a Windows MR headset recently, you’re probably wondering how you can see VR porn movies with it. These headsets are no different from others when it comes to viewing VR movies, so just follow our instructions below…

There aren’t really specific porn applications designed for Windows MR, so watching porn in VR with WMR headsets necessarily means that you’ll be using the Microsoft Edge browser. Nevertheless, accessing your favorite porn has never been easier. Just enter the browser, and choose your favorite porn site as you would on the web to see 360 videos with your headset. Just choose the video of your choice from your porn site’s library, and click ‘Play VR’. You’ll need to select the immersive view option, which will shift you into watching the video in 3D in mixed reality. That’s all it takes, and mixed reality will never be the same again.

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You can also watch porn on the Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is one of the most popular mobile VR headsets. One advantage that the Gear VR has over other headsets is that it is so ‘mobile’. The fact that it just needs a phone to drive it, and doesn’t need to be connected to a computer or PlayStation means that you can watch your favorite porn just about anywhere.

So how do I go about watching porn on my Gear VR?

‘Watching porn on the Gear VR is quite elementary, Watson’, said Holmes, when he found his sidekick browsing porn on his Gear VR. ‘Just download the porn video of your choice, and once it’s on your phone, you can do whatever you like with it – with the accent on the ‘whatever you like’’.

So that’s Holmes’ take on VR porn. Case Closed.

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Sherlock holmes
In search of good porn – Sherlock Holmes and Watson are on the case.

Hey, could I watch porn on my PSVR?

Wasn’t the PSVR more or less made for porn? Ah, it wasn’t – it was built for gaming.

However, the manufacturers tout its versatility, which means that your favorite porn videos aren’t out of reach if you own a PSVR. Just access the internet browser of your PS4, and the porn site of your choice. Now all you have to do is select a porn video and enjoy it.

If you already have 360 degree adult videos that are stored on your PS4, just launch them using the 360 player integrated into the PSVR to access them. It’s also possible to view porn downloaded via your computer on your PSVR. Just load the video of your choice on to a USB stick, attach the stick to your PS4, and use Media Player to open the video. Turn on your PSVR headset, and, using a controller, select the option for VR mode from the menu.

While this might seem to be more complex than navigating a website, it’s a useful option if you happen you have your own collection of favorite porn – and who doesn’t?

If you don’t have a collection of VR porn yet – well, I’m sure that’s a minor error that can be corrected soon enough now that you know your PSVR isn’t too straight-laced to handle porn.

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girl vr porn

The Oculus Rift offers high resolution VR porn of the finest quality

Let’s face it – where porn is concerned, resolution is everything. You don’t want to be ogling a low-resolution porn actress now, do you? Well, the Oculus Rift brings you wonderfully detailed VR porn. Note, however, that you might need the Whirligig Viewer here. Once you’ve installed that, watching VR porn on the Oculus Rift is a breeze. One advantage of Whirligig is that you can watch porn offline, looking through your own personal collection. If you prefer to stream online, the Rift can do that as well.

One application compatible with the Oculus Rift is the Sex Like Real VR app

It’s very immersive, but is not available from the Oculus Store, since the Store does not permit adult content. However, this is hardly an issue, since it can simply be downloaded from the website itself. Once the app is installed, you can stream videos continuously. Do note that streaming VR porn videos for the Oculus Rift will require a fairly high-end connection.

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VR porn

The HTC Vive – the premium VR porn experience

The intense realism of the HTC Vive is powered by its twin high resolution displays, and this brings an immersion to a Vive VR experience that is like no other. This is, of course, even more pronounced in the Vive Pro, which offers even higher resolutions. However, the Vive Pro is rather beyond the reach of the average Joe, and the classic Vive certainly offers a great experience watching porn.

Do the resolutions really matter all that much?

The answer to that depends on whether you can afford the Vive – or not. If you can’t afford the Vive, mobile-based headsets are perfectly satisfactory, from your point of view. If you can afford the Vive, nothing but the Vive – or something even better, like the Pimax – will do.

One thing that you’ll have to do if you want to watch 3D porn on the HTC Vive is get yourself a good conversion tool like the Pavtube Converter. This will let you change Blue-Ray porn videos to the SBS MP4 format that is the mainstay of the HTC Vive’s theater application. Just load the file you want to view into the converter, and convert it to SBS MP4. Once that’s done, you need to load the file to the Vive’s microSD, and you’re good to go.

As you can see, watching porn is dead easy with most of the best headsets on the market. Most porn videos are 3D stereoscopic 360 degree videos, and while 360 degree videos do require special players like Whirligig, those players are around.

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Accept no limitations when you watch porn in VR.

And we haven’t even gotten round to talking about VR sex toys yet! Just you wait…

The Best VR Motion Chairs


One of the problems of virtual reality is the recurrent motion sickness associated with the technology. A VR motion chair is one way to reduce these effects, because they actually turn you to face the direction in which you’re looking in virtual reality. This means that as the virtual world moves around you, so too do you, physically speaking. The inertia that you experience from the movement of the chair matches the movements of the virtual world, preventing nausea.

Most virtual reality chairs are motorized, and the controls of the motor linked in one way or another to either the VR software, or to the headset itself. A VR motion chair will also usually incorporate some external control mechanism, usually in the form of joysticks or pedals, though more complex controls are not unknown, as you will see as we go through various virtual reality chairs below.

Some chairs these days allow you to merely lean in the direction of movement to begin to move in that direction. If you’ve noticed when playing an intense game or flight simulator, on naturally tends to lean in the direction one wants to move in while playing a game, so this sort of movement is actually very natural in virtual reality.

There are a number of advantages to a VR motion chair

First of all, and perhaps the most obvious, is that you don’t have to stand all the time. While racing games or flight or space-combat simulators are perhaps the best suited to VR chairs, the fact is that just about any game can be played using them.

These virtual reality chairs might be the first step into ‘4D’ – that is to say, the chairs of the near future might be able to simulate wind, temperature, rain, and other environmental factors, to increase the immersion of your experience.

vr motion chairs roto-vr-with-elite

The Roto VR 360

This is one of the most interesting chairs on sale today, and offers a design reminiscent of the classic DX Racer. It is powered by a motor in its base, and this can turn the chair in either direction. The Roto VR 360 automatically rotates to face the direction you look in – this is done using a sensor called the “Roto VR HeadTracker”, a small unit that you have to attach to your virtual reality headset. It transmits the movements of your head in real-time to the control systems built into the chair.

If you look to the right, the chair turns in the same direction, following the direction of your head. This module is stored in a special compartment in the chair that allows it to be recharged. Once charged, the control module runs for about six hours before it needs to be recharged.

There’s a powerful – optional – vibration system that consists of two 500W modules placed under the chair and at the back of the backrest. The Roto VR 360 has lots of possible ergonomic settings ranging from the management of the backrest to the customization of the seat or the height of the armrests.

The footrest has two “buttons” or pedals that allow you to move easily. They are most commonly set to forward movement (since turning is handled merely by turning your head), and to jumping.

The Cable Magazine

An additional, optional accessory for the Roto VR 360 is the Cable Magazine, a system that allows you to avoid entangling the cables of your headset by allowing you to plug the headset directly into the top portion of the chair itself. This can be exceptionally useful when playing a combat flight simulator, for example. Not only does your VR headset plug in this way, but so do your headphones.

The chair transmits all the data it receives to corresponding ports in its base, which you can then connect with corresponding cables to your PC. This chair therefore provides an innovative and highly effective solution to the problem of cables getting entangled in one’s legs – or around surrounding objects – while one is in virtual reality. There are lots of other options that you can add to the chair to enhance your immersion in virtual reality.

MMOne VR Chair

A Ukrainian start-up has created the MMOne VR chair, a gaming chair for virtual reality that is actually able to move on different axes. This will allow it to create forces such as momentum and inertia, which is a big leap forward in virtual reality.

Advanced reality

Virtual reality companies are often blamed for only focusing on  sight, and sidelining thee other senses. Mounted on multiple axes that can move and rotate independently from 30 to 360 degrees at variable speeds, the MMone allows the player to feel momentum, inertia and (as in a driving game, for example) the movements and shocks of his vehicle in play. While this chair would hardly interest a player of RPGs, it’s in its element with a driving game or flight simulator.


Eje, a company based in Japan, has developed the Telepod. This looks rather like those egg-seats you see in cinemas – the ones that specialize in 4D.


It has an interesting method of operation – the audio feed for a VR headset is plugged into the ‘egg’ (that’s as good a name for it as any), and it vibrates around you along with the audio, just like those seats in 4D movie cinemas. It really adds to the experience. But what about the audio for your games? Well, it’s sent back to you via an incorporated set of excellent headphones in the Telepod itself.

The VRGO – a brilliant innovation in VR technology

The VRGO is rather interesting. It looks like a stool, but it’s an advanced piece of VR technology. This stool can lean in any direction – and when it does, you move in that direction in virtual reality! You can also use the stool’s sensors to look around effortlessly in a 360 degree movie. Weights in the base of the stool keep it stable, and prevent you from falling over no matter what you do – within reason, of course.

Yaw VR Motion Simulator

This is an amazing simulator that looks rather like a half sphere. The Yaw motion simulator is exceptional in being the size of a chair, yet being able to simulate the complex movements of a starfighter – in the real, physical universe.

The Yaw motion simulator is nothing short of a work of genius, and if the company gets well and truly off the ground, will be in the living room of every VR enthusiast. It weighs just about thirty pounds, and can fold to become amazingly compact. Still not convinced? Take a look for yourself…

Liked what you saw? Here’s a video that showcases some of the VR Motion Chairs we’ve been talking about – and others.