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The Best Headphones for Oculus Go


With the release of the Go, Oculus aims to take high-end virtual reality to the mainstream. The standalone headset is fairly cheap by VR standards, and it also eliminates the nuisance of having the deal with miles of cords. “Standalone” also means it has an audio system is integrated within it, hence you might be wondering why would you need headphones for Oculus Go?

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The integrated sound system, tiny concealed speakers which direct the audio into your ears, go hand in hand with the wireless design of the Go in mind. Oculus Go features a standard 3.5mm audio jack, so how you listen remains entirely up to you. However, Bluetooth headphones for Oculus Go aren’t officially supported yet. There is a quick fix for this issue posted on Reddit, but we haven’t really tried this, so we can’t guarantee it works.

And while we can’t say anything bad about the audio quality, the sound will “bleed out” of the headset to your surroundings, and some external sounds may leak in. Therefore, if you don’t want anyone around you to hear what you are about in virtual reality, or you’re just trying to achieve better audio immersion, check out the VRBorg’s list of best headphones for Oculus Go! We had the money-saving angle in mind too, since it is kind of stupid to pay $200+ for headphones when the standalone headset costs $200-$250. Hence the most expensive headphones that made our list cost around $70.

Avantree Over-Ear Headphones

Avantree over-the-ear may be just the right pair of headphones for Oculus Go. These can be used both as wireless and wired, so you’ll be able to use them as Bluetooth headphones paired with other devices. Smooth, yet dynamic audio experience is provided by 40mm precisely engineered stereo drivers.

What makes Avantree a good choice as headphones for Oculus Go is the ultra lightweight design and portability. Built from lightweight and durable materials, this pair weighs only 180g. Adjustable headband and soft earpads ensure a comfortable fit during extended use. Avantree headphones are foldable and come in a neat carrying pouch, which makes them easy to pack and bring along on your trips. This very portability and ease of access are probably one of the reasons Oculus Go is taking the market by the storm.

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Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Razer Hammerhead is a renown pair of in-ear headphones, which comes in several models. They offer superior acoustics and immaculate bass performance, hence the name Hammerhead – hammering in the bass! The audio is delivered through 10mm drivers, which then flows through the optimized inner acoustics chamber. As in previous Hammerhead versions, it comes in a neat pocket-sized pouch, also used for carrying three different ear tip sizes.

Ear tip replacements ensure you get a perfect fit, but also the superb sound isolation. New, improved body design is made of high-quality aluminum and it retains the signature durability of its predecessors. The new cables are flat-styled, which makes these earbuds easier to fold and pack. If you don’t compromise with audio quality Razer Hammerhead Pro is one of the best headphones for Oculus Go you can get!

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Sennheiser Urbanite XL Over-Ear headphones

Sennheiser has been known for a long time as the “top-dog” when it comes to audio peripherals. Now, the Urbanite XL is obviously built for those of us who like wearing those huge over-the-ear headphones. The build is robust, to say the least. Chunky stainless steel hinges and give away the impression of quality, suggesting the XLs ability to take a few bumps.

The important thing is that they still don’t feel heavy at all, considering how they look. The clever sliding mechanism on the headband ensures the Sennheiser Urbanite XL make a perfect fit. Sound isolation is above decent, since your ears will be completely enveloped, and your ears won’t heat up more quickly than with other similar bulky models.

Note that the detachable cable needs to be inserted into headphones until you hear a “click” and then twisted clockwise in order to lock it in place.

While these may not be the best choice for some action-packed VR activities, as after prolonged use your ears are likely to start to heat up, the XLs are still a good option as headphones for Oculus Go.

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Top 5 Oculus Go Accessories


The era of standalone virtual-reality headsets is officially upon us! Oculus Go is the missing link between the high-end expensive VR headsets and the low-end mobile VR platforms. Oculus Go introduces the high-quality wireless VR experience, while also eliminating the necessity of having a beast PC in order to enjoy the virtual-reality to the fullest.

The phrase “standalone VR headset” might lead you to think that you won’t really need any accessories for Oculus Go. However, there are a few Oculus Go accessories which make day to day user’s experience even better.

Anker Powercore 20100mAh Battery

The battery which the Oculus Go contains is a single 2600mAh battery, which can offer up to about two / two and a half hours of playtime. Charging time to battery life ratio is one of the few known issues of the Go. The Anker Powercore 20100mAh battery is a power supply containing six 3400mAh cells. Battery packs like this can often be found powering laptops. The Anker Powercore is connected to the Oculus Go via a USB port.

If you are thinking about getting only one of the Oculus Go accessories from this list, this is probably the most essential of them all. This battery pack charges your standalone headset, keeping it topped up to 100% for an additional 14 hours. Combined with 2 hours that the battery incorporated in the headset provides, this adds up to 16 hours of straight games or movies!

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Xbox One S Wireless Controller


To get the best out of some games and apps available for Oculus Go, you are going to need a controller different from the one which comes in the box. You want to make sure you get the right one, so have in mind that the original Xbox One Controller doesn’t work, as it doesn’t have Bluetooth. This is also the case with Xbox One Elite controller.

The grey Xbox One S Wireless controller, as seen in the image above, matches your Oculus Go perfectly. It looks almost as if it was made specifically just for the Go! The controller works best with games and apps such as KIN, BlazeRush, Oculus Arcade and many more.

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HermitShell Hard Travel Case (medium)

One of the main advantages of Oculus Go is that it needs no cables whatsoever. This makes it viable for use on-the-go and quite practical if you travel a lot and want to carry your VR platform around with you.

You can fit all of the aforementioned Oculus Go accessories inside the hard travel case made by HermitShell (originally made for GearVR), along with the headset itself. It will ensure that your tech pieces remain undamaged during normal travel conditions. It is more than capable of taking a few hits!

The material lining clip inside the case keeps everything strapped down in place. The travel case also has the little net accessory compartment, however, you probably won’t get to use it, since there will be little to none space left inside this compact case once you’ve fitted everything inside.

This hard travel case isn’t completely waterproof, but is water resistant to some extent. This means that if you get caught in a rain shower, your Oculus Go accessories will remain dry and undamaged.

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Oculus Go Stand

The hard travel case can be used as the storage case as well, however, if you want to put it on a display, this universal VR stand is a right choice for you! The stand is made out of premium ABS plastic, stable and sturdy with a large round base.Check out Oculus Go Stand on Amazon

Micro USB Magnetic Cable for Oculus Go

As we already pointed out, the charge time to playtime ratio of Oculus Go isn’t as optimal. Therefore you are going to spend a lot of time charging it via the micro USB connector. If you aren’t familiar with these USB magnetic cables, these are invented by Apple way back, and you can usually find them on Mac laptops.

Micro USB magnetic cable is an alternative which will keep your Oculus Go charged and ensure it won’t topple over if you trip over the cable. While this Oculus Go accessory isn’t really a necessity, a micro USB magnetic cable is a neat product to have, both in terms of aesthetics, but also on the side of safety. It can also be used to charge other apple products.

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How to Use HTC Vive on a MacBook Pro?

How to use HTC Vive on a Macbook Pro

As everyone knows, the macOS High Sierra has been designed with virtual reality in mind allowing users access to headsets like the HTC Vive. The High Sierra system has also been designed to allow applications to be developed for the Vive using the iMac Pro.

Both the High Sierra system, and the iMac Pro have been a long time coming, and while Apple still has very dedicated supporters, its hold on global markets certainly suffered due to its procrastination.

Apple is developing compatibility with VR through a give-and-take partnership with Valve, and as part of its commitment to this partnership, Valve has ensured that SteamVR can now integrate with Mac computers. Apple, on the other hand, has ensured that the High Sierra system supports SteamVR.

As you can see, Apple is finally making a long-belated move into VR markets

Apple has the admittedly ambitious goal in mind of making the Mac a favoured platform for virtual reality. The jump into virtual reality actually means that Apple will also be retrieving its reputation for building powerful computers, something that has really suffered in recent years. Oculus point blank refused to support the Mac some time back, saying that Apple just didn’t build computers the way it did in its heyday any more.

All that is about to change.

Apple’s iMac Pro pushes boundaries in terms of sheer power and brute force. For one thing, it integrates an 8-core Xeon CPUs. It also uses Radeon’s Vega graphics card, which is perfectly supportive of virtual reality. Apple has also ensured that High Sierra is absolutely compatible with both the Unreal engine, as well as Unity, both of which are considered the optimal VR engines today, especially in terms of games’ development.

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The Vive is finally plug-and-play

So the latest generation of Mac operating systems natively supports the HTC Vive, which makes using the HTC Vive on Apple hardware and software simply a matter of plug and play.

Now, you can use HTC Vive on a MacBook Pro

Remember that the Thunderbolt 3/ USB-C on Macs allows them to become VR capable by simply adding in a graphics card externally. While developers will still have to use the iMac Pro, VR gamers can ramp up the MacBook Pros, or even their standard iMacs with an external graphics unit, and jump straight into VR.

Indeed, Apple has made it possible to integrate a reasonable range of external graphic cards, such as the Razer Core or the Alienware Graphics Amp to a Mac through the Thunderbolt 3/ USB-C.

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Power to developers

Apple also offers developers a special hardware suite equipped with a VR ready AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card. While Apple only provides compatibility with the HTC Vive for now, it’s also possible for Oculus Rift to be used on a Mac, since the two headsets are supported by Steam VR.

And that said, Apple has certainly taken major steps into VR, and has begun to take the initiative in laying claim to a bold new industry.