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HTC Vive Extension Cables


HTC Vive delivers an incredibly immersive virtual reality experience when combined with a compatible PC or laptop, and wireless controllers. Some users encounter difficulty when setting up floor space for their room scale play areas, as PCs can be located too far away from clear, trip- and hazard-free zones that are suitable for safe VR gameplay.  An HTC Vive extension cable can be very helpful in these situations, as it literally extends your PC so that you can play games wherever you want to.

Tips for Using HTC Vive Extension Cables

A great VR gaming setup can take some time and effort to implement, particularly when it comes to getting Vive ready to go. If you’re like many users, it’s likely that you have a dedicated gaming computer in a bedroom or office without a lot of floor space. This is fine for games that call for stationary use, but not ideal for those that call for full-body participation. You’re left with two options: Either move your computer to the space where you plan to play, or use HTC Vive extension cables to virtually “move” your computer into your chosen play area.

With HTC Vive extension cables, it’s possible to set up VR game space just about anywhere. Consider creating a dedicated room scale play area in any of the following locations:

  • Living room
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Spare room or storage room

The good news is that HTC Vive extension cables don’t have to be large, nor do they have to get in the way of everyday activities. Before we discuss solutions for easy, trouble-free routing, let’s take a quick look at some rules for setting up an HTC extension cable system.

  • Do not make the mistake of extending the cables between your controller box and your headset. This can lead to problems with game play, as the headset and controller box are already setup at the maximum allowable distance from one another.
  • Decide whether you need a short or long range extension. Short range extensions make use of 10-foot cables, while long-range extensions are capable of spanning distances of at least 30 feet.
  • For short-range HTC Vive extensions, purchase the following supplies. You’ll use these to replace the standard-length USB and HDMI cables that connect your gaming computer to your Vive controller box.
  • For long-range HTC Vive extensions, you’ll need to spend a little more money and purchase a few more components. Be sure that they’re of good quality! Here’s how to run a basic 30-foot HTC Vive extension cable:
  • For either solution, you can purchase a power cord extender to further extend the distance between your gaming computer and your play area.

How to Route HTC Vive Extension Cables

Since long-range extensions can lead to problems including data loss, it’s a good idea to create the shortest, most direct route between your gaming computer and your play area. This means avoiding unnecessary turns, staircases, etc. You will need a drill to complete this simple task, and you might also want to obtain expandable braided sleeving to house your cords neatly.

  • If your gaming computer is located in one room and your game play area is in an adjoining room, you can simply drill through the wall and route your cables through the hole.
  • If your play area is in a basement, you may be able to drill through the floor in the room where the computer is located and route cables down to your room scale setup. It’s a good idea to look at blueprints before you start, so you can plan how best to set up your play area.

If you aren’t handy with tools, or if you’re concerned that you might accidentally nick an electric cord or a plumbing pipe, consider asking someone with home improvement skills to help you. That may mean enlisting a  friend or family member, or it might mean paying a handyman for an hour or two of time. Since electrical accidents can be deadly and plumbing accidents can cost thousands, consider this small investment a worthwhile one! In many areas, it’s possible to find licensed, insured handymen on Amazon’s Home  and Business Services directory. Other directories like Angie’s List and Home Advisor are great sources for professionals to help you route HTC Vive extension cables safely and efficiently.

How to Watch Porn on Oculus Go?

How to Watch Porn on Oculus Go

The release of the Oculus Go VR headset by Facebook has marked the start of a new era in virtual reality. That era is marked by a new and affordable headset of only 200$! With that significant price cut, we can already predict that the VR market will grow proportionally in size. And as you can probably agree, what better use of VR space than for streaming adult content.

The good news doesn’t end there. The future of porn is, without a doubt, in VR. Luckily, watching porn on Oculus Go will be all the easier as there are already some really quality sites on the net dedicated to VR porn, and which are perfectly compatible with the Oculus Go.

“What are those sites you speak of, dear Sir?” – you ask, well you have come to the right place, dear VR enthusiast, so stick around and you will know all about them

Why is Oculus Go the ultimate tool for watching VR porn

With no cable and no need for a smartphone, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality without those ‘unseen’ cables getting in your way. Not only does this make the Oculus Go perfect for porn, but it also makes it great for virtual sex games. Of course, Facebook doesn’t market the product as such. But trust me, there are porn connoisseurs around the world who are finding this to be quite true.

How to Watch VR Porn on Oculus Go

Everyone knows that the real reason these VR headsets were developed was so that you and I could watch VR porn on them.

So let us dive into the issue

Did you know that a good many porn sites have already released user manuals that tell people how to watch porn on the Oculus Go? This means that, depending on the porn site you choose, your VR porn experience on the Oculus Go could very well be ‘plug and play’.

The Best App For Watching VR Porn on Oculus Go

SexLikeReal.com is website that has made browsing through VR porn and streaming it a breeze. If you wish to make one website your starting point for VR adult content, I would recommend that you first download this app.
It’s like i-Tunes or Netflix for VR porn!

How to Stream VR Porn on Oculus Go

If you wish to start streaming VR porn right away:

  • Use the built-in web browser on your Oculus Go in VR mode
  • Visit VRPorn.com
  • Choose a video you like and press play! It’s that simple!

The best VR porn streaming websites

There are about twenty companies specializing in VR porn but here are 3, that in my opinion, truly stand out in terms of quality and quantity:

And now for the two apps that will make your adventures in VR porn very much easier – DeoVR and Autoplay VR. Those are two apps that will allow you to access content on these porn sites, not only using the Oculus Go but just about any VR headset on the market today.

In the long run, there’s really a win-win relationship between the producers of adult VR movies and VR headset manufacturers, each taking advantage of the other to promote their own development.

How to Download and watch VR Porn on Oculus Go

If you wish to add a certain video of your liking to a collection, there are some extra steps that need to be done in order to complete that mission…

  1. Enter VR mode
  2. Navigate to a porn site such as VRPorn.com
  3. Choose a video that ‘satisfies’ you and click the download button
  4. Go to Oculus Home and then open the Oculus Gallery
  5. Click the ‘Internal Storage’ option and open your video
  6. Select the right viewing method (usually its 3D 180 degrees)
  7. Enjoy the show

While the streaming method is the most convenient and straightforward one, downloading the video has its benefits. It usually gives better resolution and you can watch it offline.

As mentioned before, Oculus Go is a great device for watching VR porn. As it is a standalone device, it lacks the necessary computing power to support some of the demanding VR porn games that the Oculus Rift can (want to upgrade?).
However, it is IDEAL for VR porn

Oculus Go was made with the purpose of streaming VR porn in mind, as it offers the best performance and maximum convenience together with a low selling point.

Recommended Oculus Go external storage accessories for porn hoarders

I know there are a couple of guys like you out there, identifying porn actresses in a snap of the fingers in the comments below, drawing upon extensive content that could rival the ancient Library of Alexandria.

However, as the Oculus Go only comes in 32GB or 64GB versions, downloading high definition video files will quickly max up the storage space. Not only that, but it doesn’t have OTG support yet. Concerned? You needn’t be since there is an even better way to download and watch VR porn.

You will need:

  1. Sharing video streaming device such as RAVPower or HooToo
  2. SKYBOX VR Video Player (download it on Oculus Store)

What you will be doing now is download your favorite VR porn videos to an external USB stick, plugging it into RAVPower and watch it using media streaming app such as SKYBOX VR Video Player.

The process goes like this:

  1. Create a folder on your USB drive, SD card and name it “Share”

2. Inside, create a folder named “Movie”

3. Place the downloaded VR porn videos in the “Movie” folder

4.Plug the mentioned USB drive or SD card into the RAVPower Filehub Plus
5. Power on the RAVPower Filehub Plus
6. From the home screen of your Oculus Go, open the Settings

7.Select WiFi to show nearby networks
8. Connect to the RAVPower Filehub Plus network
9. Launch  SKYBOX VR Video Player
10. Browse the folders, find the Movie folder and stream the porn videos!

And there you have it, all the necessary steps needed that will turn you into a purveyor of fine VR porn movies. Remember that Oculus Go is the perfect medium for streaming VR porn and I wish you happy hunting for best content!

Top 7 Oculus Go Accessories


The era of standalone virtual-reality headsets is officially upon us! Oculus Go is the missing link between the high-end expensive VR headsets and the low-end mobile VR platforms. Oculus Go introduces the high-quality wireless VR experience, while also eliminating the necessity of having a beast PC in order to enjoy the virtual-reality to the fullest.

The phrase “standalone VR headset” might lead you to think that you won’t really need any accessories for Oculus Go. However, there are a few Oculus Go accessories which make day to day user’s experience even better.

1. VR Cover

A wide surface area that prevents red marks

Oculus Go is already making a name for itself in the field of VR technology and is known for being the most comfortable headset on the market today.

But why not step it up a notch or two?

Take your experience to another level with this custom interface and foam replacement set. The interface is made in such a way to make it possible that you can attach and remove foam replacements with ease so that you can ensure that is better suits your face.

If you have used Oculus Go for an intense gaming (or VR adult experience wink, wink), you can agree that having a cover that will ensure that you don’t sweat too much is a lifesaver.

The material is a high-quality PU leather for the outer surface and is especially soft on the skin and easy to wipe in between sessions with antibacterial wipes.

Check out Oculus Go Covers

2. Anker Powercore 20100mAh Battery

The battery which the Oculus Go contains is a single 2600mAh battery, which can offer up to about two / two and a half hours of playtime. Charging time to battery life ratio is one of the few known issues of the Go. The Anker Powercore 20100mAh battery is a power supply containing six 3400mAh cells. Battery packs like this can often be found powering laptops. The Anker Powercore is connected to the Oculus Go via a USB port.

Two hours of watching time are not nearly enough for most people. You don’t want to be interrupted while browsing through the kink section of the Internet. You find your preference and then are interrupted in the middle of the action (*cough, cough*) by the powering off Oculus Go.

Not fun at all.

If you are thinking about getting only one of the Oculus Go accessories from this list, this is probably the most essential of them all. This battery pack charges your standalone headset, keeping it topped up to 100% for an additional 14 hours. Combined with 2 hours that the battery incorporated in the headset provides, this adds up to 16 hours of straight games or movies! With these battery pack, you can rest assured that you will not be interrupted.

Check out Anker Powercore 20100mAh Battery on Amazon

3. Xbox One S Wireless Controller


To get the best out of some games and apps available for Oculus Go, you are going to need a controller different from the one which comes in the box. You want to make sure you get the right one, so have in mind that the original Xbox One Controller doesn’t work, as it doesn’t have Bluetooth. This is also the case with Xbox One Elite controller.

The grey Xbox One S Wireless controller, as seen in the image above, matches your Oculus Go perfectly. It looks almost as if it was made specifically just for the Go! The controller works best with games and apps such as KIN, BlazeRush, Oculus Arcade and many more.

Check out Xbox One S Wireless Controller on Amazon

4. HermitShell Hard Travel Case (medium)

One of the main advantages of Oculus Go is that it needs no cables whatsoever. This makes it viable for use on-the-go and quite practical if you travel a lot and want to carry your VR platform around with you.

You can fit all of the aforementioned Oculus Go accessories inside the hard travel case made by HermitShell (originally made for GearVR), along with the headset itself. It will ensure that your tech pieces remain undamaged during normal travel conditions. It is more than capable of taking a few hits!

The material lining clip inside the case keeps everything strapped down in place. The travel case also has the little net accessory compartment, however, you probably won’t get to use it, since there will be little to none space left inside this compact case once you’ve fitted everything inside.

This hard travel case isn’t completely waterproof but is water resistant to some extent. This means that if you get caught in a rain shower, your Oculus Go accessories will remain dry and undamaged.

Check out HermitShell Hard Travel Case on Amazon

5. Oculus Go Stand

The hard travel case can be used as the storage case as well, however, if you want to put it on a display, this universal VR stand is the right choice for you! The stand is made out of premium ABS plastic, stable and sturdy with a large round base.Check out Oculus Go Stand on Amazon




6. Micro USB Magnetic Cable for Oculus Go

As we already pointed out, the charge time to playtime ratio of Oculus Go isn’t as optimal. Therefore you are going to spend a lot of time charging it via the micro USB connector. If you aren’t familiar with these USB magnetic cables, these are invented by Apple way back, and you can usually find them on Mac laptops.

Micro USB magnetic cable is an alternative which will keep your Oculus Go charged and ensure it won’t topple over if you trip over the cable. While this Oculus Go accessory isn’t really a necessity, a micro USB magnetic cable is a neat product to have, both in terms of aesthetics, but also on the side of safety. It can also be used to charge other apple products.

Check out Micro USB Magnetic Cable for Oculus Go on Amazon

7. RAVPower FileHub Plus – video streaming device for Oculus Go

Now this piece of hardware is absolutely essential, essential I tell you if you wish to download and watch videos offline.

Since the Oculus Go only comes in 32GB and 64GB versions, downloading videos in high definition will quickly fill up the internal memory.

If you use Oculus Go for the purpose that it was made to do (porn, I tell ya), after a day or two of browsing through the websites and downloading the content you like, you will quickly max out the memory.

Have no worries, amigos, for I bring solutions to thee troubles.

Simply buy RAVPower off of Amazon and check out the section for watching videos offline in our article for the easiest way to watch adult videos on Oculus Go.

Check out RAVPower FileHub Plus on Amazon