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5 Best Godlike VR Games


If you’re a proud owner of a VR headset, you must already be amazed by the opportunities it offers, as well as by innovative new applications and games that are being released daily. VR environment gives you something unlike any other platform out there. You are put in a virtual 3D environment and free to do whatever you like.

It is no wonder then that there are VR games putting you in a position of a deity, with godlike powers at your discretion. The feeling of power you get while playing such a VR game cannot be compared to any other game on any other platform. Craving a daily dose of power trip, we dug deep, far and wide to find only the best of these. So, without further ado, here are top 5 godlike VR games.

1. Dino Frontier

First on our list is a PSVR title that puts an interesting little twist on a classical city building game. You are in charge of a small town on the outskirts of the wild west with some unusual neighbors in the form of dinosaurs! Well, who would have thought of combining cowboys and dinos, but it sure works and is a helluva fun!

The objective in this game is to grow your town, develop buildings, maintain the economy, all the usual town building stuff. The best part is capturing and taming dinos who will make a valuable addition to your town’s population. Some of them are very useful for the economy and infrastructure. They water the crops, help you harvest resources, while others, like the apex predator T-rex, are useful for protection.

The predators are especially important when your arch nemesis in this game, the Bandit King, decides to stroll down the valley and with his own army of dino minions to loot and pillage treasures you have meticulously obtained.

Oh hello there little Dino…

The game is very hands-on in its approach. It is recommended that you do most of the management since that will be the best way to ensure your victory. However, other than the feeling of growing your own little personal town, there aren’t that many powers giving you the feeling of the omnipotent being.

The other downside to this game is its short duration and the lack of replayability. After you have defeated the bandit king and tamed all the dinosaurs, there is really no incentive for you to continue playing, which is a shame since the game is very well polished and very engrossing. One thing’s for sure – seeing those little dinosaurs grow makes my heart warm.


2. Tethered

Here comes another title for PSVR, also released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift about a year ago. Tethered is a game that provides a bit more of that awesome omnipotent feeling in this resource management game.

You are put in the boots of the benevolent being who has an island to manage with the help of little creature called “Peeps”. They literally fall from the sky in the form of an egg. You, as their supreme leader, are in charge of issuing them various tasks, such as collecting and mining resources and building structures.

The main objective is to collect Spirit Energy which can be done in various ways. You can collect crystal which is the condensed form of said energy. You can also kill critters that come at night trying to whack your little Peeps and steal your resources. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

The name of this fun little game comes from its mechanics. You assign your Peep to do your bidding by tethering him to a certain task or structure. Tethering is also done when you usher your godlike powers and renew certain resources by tethering a cloud of magical energy which replenishes some of it.

Look at those cute little furballs…

Although the game looks simple and the premise is pretty straightforward, if you do not keep tabs on your little minions, things could get out of hand. Peeps can easily starve or get decimated by the critters spawning at night, which can easily push the remaining ones to go into frenzy and they start jumping off the island, straight into the bottomless pit of their demise. Now, that would be very irresponsible for a supreme being, wouldn’t it?

After you have collected sufficient amounts of Spirit Energy, the level is completed and you are sent to the next island. There are 13 islands in total, where you mostly do the same stuff, so the variety is a bit lacking. Other than that, the game is quite polished, with beautiful graphics and nice background music featuring Celtic overtones.

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Oculus Store | PSVR

3. Deisim

Here is a game which truly simulates the feeling of godlike powers. The start of the game is simply engrossing. You begin in the endless space and you are free to grow your world as you see fit. Put different tiles on the map, grow your world and it will adjust accordingly. Make lakes, marshes, forests, mountains. Cultivate the land space to your heart’s desire. Of course, what kind of a god would you be without the people to believe in you?

Do not fret, for you are provided with the humans who will do just that. If you take care of your followers by protecting them from fires and helping them build a civilization, you will be revered and worshiped properly.

Unfortunately, there will be some pesky heretics along the way. Now, why would you tolerate such insubordination in your world? My thoughts exactly. If you ask me, grab the nonbelievers and throw them into the endless abyss. Or simply smash them into the ground. There will be no heretics on your watch.

Yes…worship me, my minions!!!

Deisim combines the civilization management mechanics with the feeling of total omnipotence. This is emphasized by the fact that, when placed in the world of VR, you’re given much more freedom in controlling your environment, and you truly have a hands-on approach. You can move mountains, stroll around the earth and raise fires, or you can take a more laid-back approach and watch as your followers grow in population and technology.
The game really gives you the freedom to do as you see fit.


4. Super Island God VR

As the title suggests, you are a god and there is an island which requires your attention. Do not worry, you won’t be doing most of the grunt work. Humans that worship you are there for a reason, but use their help wisely. Super Island God VR is more of a civilization management and city building game, although you are given certain powers such as replenishing forests and sending fireballs or rain. Whatever you prefer more.

Hopefully, you will use your powers wisely, since the objective of the game is to complete certain challenges per island. If you destroy everything you are kinda shooting yourself in the foot. It’s still fun wrecking everything though.

See that volcano over there? Someone is gonna visit it…upclose.

The downside of the game is that it really feels more like a management game than a true god game. Your powers are limited and you do not have absolute control such as you do in Deisim. Basically, you are a demigod.

Other than that, you should really pay attention to resource consumption and building placements. The space is limited and you might end up exhausting certain resource which will make you restart the game. Not only that, but there are certain limitations and dangers which you have to be mindful about too. For example, if you don’t provide a proper sacrifice to a volcano god, expect molten hot lava to wreck everything you’ve been working on. You’re not the only deity on the island.

All things taken into consideration, it is a very cool godlike city management game filled with lots of Easter eggs for you to discover. Your powers are certainly lacking and could be increased a bit, but it won’t stop you from having fun with it.

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Oculus Store

5. Evolution VR

Evolution VR is a Vive exclusive that puts new perspective and challenges in the life of a godlike being. It’s a spiritual successor of the game Spore, which puts you in charge of an organism as you guide it through the process of evolution. Everything happens underwater though.

Customize your little creature and guide it into the deep reaches of the sea. You will have to eat other creatures to collect DNA material. This will help you evolve in later stages, as well as avoid the nasty predators lurking below the surface.

The mission, of course, is to stay at the top of the food chain. To achieve that, you will have to carefully choose the evolution path to beat all the other fishes as you fight for the same resources.

I’m gonna call you Mr. Bitey…

The game presents its challenges in every stage. There will always be new body parts to unlock and intimidating creatures to fight. It’s a real shame that the game doesn’t last that long and goes beyond the stages of evolution after the underwater part.


In this list we have brought you five games, each covering the different aspects of godlike powers and tasks. Hopefully, you will find a game that best suits your affinity. The world of VR is designed for games like this, and there are many more new opportunities for developing such games. We can’t wait for more great games in this genre. And you?

PSVR Tips and Tricks – Maximize Your VR Experience


Whether you are a fresh or seasoned PlayStation VR user, there are always some quality of life improvements you can implement which may enhance your overall experience. We gathered information about some fairly common, but also a few less known PSVR tips and tricks you may find useful.

Each of our suggestions aims to improve the level of immersion you get during your virtual reality sessions. Individually, they may not seem like much. However, these small pieces of the PSVR tips and tricks puzzle combined together make a formidable difference.

If you haven’t yet decided if PSVR is a virtual reality device of your choice, or if you are thinking about waiting for the next gen of PlayStation console before purchasing PSVR, read this article.

And now, without further ado, lets get on with VRBorg’s PSVR tips and tricks!

Camera and Tracking

A lot of talk has been going on about the PSVR camera and tracking. Critics have been merciless, and while users for the most time are ecstatic while talking about Sony’s virtual reality headset, most of them have encountered occasional tracking issues. Nevertheless, PlayStation VR has surpassed 2 million units since Fall 2016!


Firstly, let’s cover the camera setup basics. You need to place it on a slightly higher, vibration free surface. Official Sony’s recommendation is 1.4m (4’7″) from the floor or “slightly higher” if you are using PlayStation Move motion controllers. Setting PS camera up on a higher surface in some cases improves tracking. You should sit or stand directly in front of it, at a distance of about 1.4m-2m (4’7″-6′).

Dim the lights

PlayStation camera works by tracking LED-s on the PlayStation VR headset. When deciding which room to designate as your virtual playground, you should have in mind – the darker the better!

Whether it is the daylight, some LED-s other than the ones on your VR headset or just the room lights, all of the aforementioned can interfere with the PSVR camera and negatively affect the in game tracking. Your PSVR shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight while in use, so make sure to avoid this scenario. Any mirrors or smooth surfaces which may reflect any lights are unwelcome, as they also could “confuse” the PlayStation camera.

Re-calibrate the camera often

Unless you have a basement without windows which serves as your VR room, most likely you will be unable to completely block out the daylight. During different times of the day, the amount of sunlight entering your playroom will vary.

Due to these differences of brightness during the day, it is a good idea to re-calibrate your PlayStation camera, if possible before each session. This will ensure you get as accurate tracking as possible.

We hope these PSVR tips and tricks will solve the PlayStation camera issues you may have encountered.

Set the IPD carefully

IPD is abbreviation for interpupillary distance, or simply put the distance between the centers of your eyes. But you probably already know this. This can be done manually. Go to Settings-> Devices-> PlayStation VR. The headset measures the IPD automatically, but these measurements aren’t always pin-point accurate.

You can measure the distance yourself using a ruler, or with a help of a friend. Have in mind however that you’ll need a ruler with millimeter units. If you want 100% accurate measurements, visit an eye doctor. While your actual IPD value is important, feel free to fine tune it since some users report that setting it slightly wider or narrower than the actual distance positively influenced the video quality and reduced the eyestrain.

Talking about the eyestrain, you can use one of the simplest PSVR tips and tricks to reduce it. Simply lower the brightness level!

Besides sore eyes, improper setup of IPD may also lead to nausea and motion sickness, so make sure to fine tune it until you get the clearest image.

Charge up your  PlayStation Move Controllers

PlayStation move controllers aren’t really mandatory, but there are many games which you won’t be able to fully enjoy without them. If you are trying to figure out if they are worth buying, check out this article.

If you already own a pair of PlayStation Move controllers, before immersing into virtual reality, you should always fully charge them. If the Move Controllers aren’t fully charged, it may lead to in-game tracking glitches.

There is plenty of charging stations available on Amazon, like the one in the image above.

Play Demo Games before buying

Paying additional $50 per game on top of the $400 headset is something you may not be so happy with. Well, there’s nothing we can do about that fact.

However, to ensure no regrets after the money has already been spent, try out the game demos before making a purchase. The demo disc you get when purchasing PlayStation VR contains 18 virtual reality game demos, so there is plenty of trial versions to try out!

Peripherals are necessary for improved immersion

While move controllers are recommended, yet not necessary, buying a pair of headphones for improved immersion is almost mandatory. Check out our article on best headphones for PSVR in order to find a perfect pair for you.

Another peripheral you might consider buying is PlayStation VR Aim Controller. However, it is only compatible with the sci-fi shooter Farpoint. Support for other games has been announced, so you should probably wait out until you can play more first person shooters to get the most out of your investment.

We hope that our list of PSVR tips and tricks helps improve your overall experience. Game on!

Sincerely yours, VRBorg Collective

The Best Room Escape VR Games


There are almost endless genres available on VR platforms, much more than there can be on a classical gaming rig, simply thanks to the VR’s unique architecture and capabilities. In the VR world, you can have a psychical presence, thus there are many more new gaming arenas to explore. One particularly entertaining genre is room escape, driven by the recent increased popularity of roleplaying genre of the same name. You and your team are placed in a room, tasked with finding different clues which will help you solve the mystery laid in front of you.

From the premise alone it is understandable why VR is the only environment where such a genre can exist and there are quite afew games that truly utilized the capabilities of VR to such a degree that you will truly be immersed in the environment and anxiously search your area to find clues necessary to proceed.

So, without any further intro, here is the list of 7 best room escape VR titles.

1. Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

First on our list, a free little demo, which served as a commercial for the movie of the same name. Although the game is engrossing in its own right, it is quite short and could be easily developed into a larger title. Welcome to Belko, another monolithic typical multinational company. The day starts as usual – drinking a bit of coffee, checking emails, pretending to work… but this day is unlike any other.

What is this? It seems that you, together with other employees, have been selected for an involuntary experiment! Solve all the puzzles in the room to obtain the key or die! That is certainly a motivation Monday for you.


2. OK Bob

Ok, Bob is another short atmospheric game on our list. It features the main protagonist of the name Bob, who has found himself in unfamiliar surroundings, and has to escape the room by finding clues and solving puzzles. A pretty straightforward game, with great ambient, albeit it lacks duration and certain polish, especially in the audio department.

All in all, it is a pretty good escape game, Bob.


3. Abode

For another game on our list, abode puts in a little more charm by setting you in a futuristic neo-noir environment and tasks you with finding the clues and solving the puzzles.
It will have you moving around the apartment, searching and inspecting every object, squatting, picking them up and making your brain gears work to solve the intricacies laid out in front of you. Above is a bit longer in its duration, although it will be possible to beat in 2 hours tops since the puzzles don’t repent such a great challenge.


4. Welcome Home, Love

This is a truly heartwarming little indie game, with a cute premise. You play the role of Jess, living with your boyfriend Nick in a big apartment, who has laid certain surprises for you to discover.

The game is heavily narrated and feels more like an interactive movie sequence. However, the spoken dialogue really adds up to the experience and puts you in the shoes of Jess.
Very cute little indie puzzle game.


5. I Expect You to Die

Now for something completely different. I Expect You to Die gives you the role of a secret agent who is tasked with completing his different missions with the help of his wits, and well, telekinetic ability. That certainly helps, since you will be inspecting a lot of items.

Although not an escape room entirely, it combines all the different gameplay aspects of escape room titles, such as puzzle solving and clue-connecting. It is very well polished, runs smoothly on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, to present you with a world inspired by the 60’s spy flicks.

So if you are a fan of spy movies or novels, why not put yourself in their shoes in this very well polished VR title?

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Oculus Store

6. Interkosmos

And now for a game that puts a splash of comedy into the mix, while keeping the gameplay mechanics of puzzle solving. Enter Zvezda, the Soviet experimental spaceship which has run into some troubles on its trajectory in Earth’s orbit. It is up to you to adapt on the fly, by listening to the instructions of NASA and Roscosmos to hopefully emerge intact out of this predicament.

Although the game is short, it is extremely sweet, and while it is entertaining to solve the puzzles and survive, it is equally entertaining to find different ways to die while entering Earth’s atmosphere.


By presenting you with this list hopefully, you will find a title that has sparked your interest. Truly, the VR technology has brought room escape experience in the comfort of your own home without breaking the immersion that comes with it. You might even argue that it has increased the feeling of adventure by placing you in environment that cannot be simulated in the real world.