5 Great VR Music Experiences You Must Try


Ever since the light shone upon the mind of a primitive man, the music has captivated him. From the early bone bashing of the Neolithic to the new electronic waves sweeping the globe, there is no denying that music is something ingrained into our very fabric. It is the purest of all the arts, it speaks to us on the most abstract of levels, it touches our heart and soul and colours our days. There is no denying that the fascination with music is shared by no other than the human animal.

So, you have got your VR set and you would like to dive into the depths of the still quite new universe of virtual experience. You’ve found yourself wondering if there are some experiences which could satisfy your desire. Luckily for you, there are and we shall dive deep and see what the realm of VR has to offer.


Although the first association with HTC Vive would be gaming, one of  its most acclaimed pieces of software wouldn’t quite fall into that category. If you ever felt how would it feel like to be a DJ and produce your own music you can experience it using SoundStage. It is an application designed to put you in front of your own mixing table. It gives you all the necessities to start producing your own music right away, without the need for expensive equipment and instruments. This will make your neighbours happy as well.

The application gives you samples to work with, but the majority of the work is done by unleashing your own inner creativity. You do this by setting up the station with instruments as you see fit, while you combine tactile and auditory senses into the effort to produce something new and original, uniquely your own.

See how this youtuber is having the time of his life using it:


Audioshield is a new way to experience your music. You may remember the game AudioSurf, where you made your keyboard to dance to the sound of your music. Well, its creator decided to up the ante by creating Audioshield.

In this game you use your controllers  to catch the balls of light which move to the beat of your own music. It’s a new way to experience your old tracks and more importantly it helps you create new memories by moving while listening to the music you love. Next time you come to your favourite artist’s concert, you may become overwhelmed with the new kinesthetic memories you developed while playing this game.

It’s an extremely fun experience to enjoy, see it for yourself.

Harmonix Music VR


Not forgetting the PSVR market, Harmonix Music VR gives the field of interactive music experience a new spin. The game transports you into four different realms with varying levels of interactivity. It also uses your own music to create stunning visuals which you may consider delightful or dreadful. Either way it will change the way you perceived your favourite songs.

It’s something like being in the passenger seat of a car taking you to new, unknown destination with the surroundings melting and shifting according to the rhythm. Truly, an interesting auditory experience.

Starship Disco

Here is another game you may experience on PSVR. StarshipDisco is like a crossover between a retro shooter and Guitar Hero. In the game, you control a spaceship hurling down a wormhole seeking aliens which need some blasting. It’s quite a sensory experience with the enemies aligning themselves to the beat of your music, although a little bland and repetitive, coming in at affordable price, it’s an experience worth trying.

Harmonix Rockband VR


Now we have come to the end of our list, and the best has been kept last. Oculus has partnered with the creator of this marvel piece to bring you the best music VR experience up to date. If you have ever wondered how those rockstars feel while rocking their socks off in front of huge audiences, you may truly have an opportunity to find out. If you have ever felt like there is a rock legend deep inside of you waiting for his or her moment to shine, now is the time to release it from the chains and enjoy in this work of art. Strap on your guitar. Take your Oculus touch controllers and transport yourself into the alternate reality where you have decided to become a music god.

The environment is a bit simplified, but the feeling of stage is very real, it’s almost like you can touch the rows of fans screaming in ecstasy while you deliver your favourite riff whilst holding your guitar which responds realistically to your movements.
It’s a must experience for any music lover, especially if there is a part of you deep inside which just knows you could become a rock legend. Well, seek no further, for you have found your blessing!

In the conclusion, it seems that the industry has brought us some very interesting experiences and new ways to enjoy the music. The field is quite new, and although there are different approaches, in the passing of time there will be even more captivating applications and games which will truly lift the bar and standards and even our perception of what kind of experience music can bring us.