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3D Heaven 3D Glasses for Kids Review

3D Heaven 3D Glasses for Kids Review Featured
Just look at all these 3D Glasses!

If you are looking for a great party gift, or if you have a large family who would like invite friends over to enjoy a movie, then these 3D glasses are ideal for you. Even when buying in bulk, to ensure you have enough for everyone, you will want to know if the stuff you are buying is of high quality.

That’s exactly what we’re going to find out today.


With 5 pairs of pink and 5 pairs of blue, these 3D Glasses can be enjoyed by all the family from ages 3 and above.

These glasses are made to last – not your throwaway 3D glasses that are so common on the market. These are thicker and feel a little heavier than most. This is very important – fragile glasses wouldn’t last long when used by your children.

Parents will also be happy to know that these 3D glasses are scratch resistant, so you will get a longer use out of them. Again, this is important when leaving them at the mercy of children!


3D Heaven 3D Glasses for Kids work with all passive 3D TVs including Sony, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC and many more! In fact, these glasses work with any 3D screen, even those in the cinema. This is a great way of saving money on a cinema trip, especially if that is where you are hosting a children’s party.

Made with Real-D cinemas in mind, these glasses will be perfect for a trip to these cinemas as they are also easily wipeable. Any cinema treats that give your children sticky fingers are fine as the glasses are easily wiped.

3D Heaven 3D Glasses for Kids Review Kid
He’s satisfied, you can tell…

However, there are a number of screens that these glasses will not work for. If you were buying them to take to an IMAX you will realize they are not compatible. The same goes for Active 3D TVs and projectors. So, be careful before you buy!

A lot of TVs that are 3D compatible generally come with glasses only tailored for adults. Therefore, 3D Heaven 3D Glasses are a great option for those children birthday parties and other festivities, when you know your home will be overrun with kids.

Customer reviews

All of the customers who bought 3D Heaven 3D Glasses for Kids rate them either 4 or 5 stars. You simply can’t go wrong with these. For the price of just $19.95, you get 10 pairs of 3D glasses that will last you a while.

Of course, there are always more expensive options out there, but 3D Heaven 3D Glasses for Kids will give you a great bang for the buck.


How to Build up Tolerance for VR Motion Sickness?

How to Build up Tolerance for VR Motion Sickness
Feeling a bit dizzy, eh? You're not the first, or the only one.

VR motion sickness is also known as cybersickness or simulator sickness. The usual symptoms are nausea, headache and dizziness. Spending money on your VR device only to find out that you can’t enjoy it for longer than 5 minutes without the urge to puke is heartbreaking.

The developers are well aware of the VR motion sickness problem, and are working hard to nullify its effect. Meanwhile, many people report that they have managed to overcome VR sickness over time. There are some simple rules when you first immerse into virtual reality that you should follow.

Don’t tolerate performance issues

How to Build up Tolerance for VR Motion Sickness
Think about it…

If you are a gamer, you’ve probably encountered some lags, glitches and other problems in your career. Most of the time, the instinct tells you to play this through, since this seldom happens, and only for short time periods.

In virtual-reality environment, we strongly recommend that you don’t attempt to play until the game or app is running smoothly. Anything below optimal framerate will ruin your experience, since simulator sickness is directly related to low FPS.

Seeing how your PC specs directly affect your FPS, and developers are constantly pushing boundaries of VR, you will have to keep your hardware up to date. This is the main reason why PCs that can support high-end VR devices are so expensive.

Build up VR tolerance slowly, start with “easier” games

If a game you were eager to play is making you feel sick, you should stop immediately! Naturally, in the beginning you shouldn’t just go ahead and play Resident Evil 7 for its full length. Still, Resident Evil 7 does look impressive and very, very scary!

There is a vast library of different games and genres available in VR, and some require higher levels of immersion than others. Staring with less demanding games and slowly building the tolerance until you are able to play whatever you want is a good idea.

It is mandatory to take regular breaks in between sessions, don’t over-stress your sensory system.

Remain seated


For starters, it is probably best to play games that allow you to sit down and relax. Since VR is an overwhelming experience for all of your senses, sitting in a comfortable chair will give you a much needed sense of stability. Some people report that chewing a gum while playing helped them get over VR motion sickness.

Eat or drink ginger

Ginger is a well-known remedy for motion sickness, as even medieval sailors used it for mitigating the effects. If you don’t like the taste of raw ginger, it can be delicious in smoothies. Nowadays there are ginger supplements available too.

Change your FOV

Lowering your field of view (FOV) may help decrease the VR motion sickness symptoms. On the other hand, this reduces the level of immersion and situational awareness, hence it is the least popular solution.

Bear in mind that, by lowering your FOV, you will have to rotate your head more in order to achieve the wanted effect in VR. For example, 20 degree rotation in real life will equal 15 degree rotation in VR.

Have a cold one!

Surprisingly, many users claim that having few alcoholic drinks before starting their VR sessions reduced or even removed the symptoms of cybersickness completely.

Now, we don’t condone alcohol use, but if everything else fails, grab a Corona, Bud Light or Somersby. Don’t overdo it though!

How to Store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch?

How to Store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch
image downloaded from www.vrheads.com

If you are a neat person, you may find it very frustrating to find a tidy way to store Rift. Managing all the cables while setting up Oculus Rift was probably already a nightmare, but now, after you’ve immersed into virtual reality and finished your session, yet another problem emerges.

Storing Oculus Rift

When you first get your hands on the Rift box, you will notice that it is handy and sturdy. Obviously, it is designed for storing Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, so if you haven’t thrown it away for some reason, it can serve its purpose. The only downside of the Rift box is that it is a bit bulky and you may not have the required space to keep it next to your PC. In the video below you can see a better way to store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch. This way, you will avoid any unwanted side effects.

If you have, for any reason, thrown away the convenient original shipment box, don’t be alarmed. The Rift perfectly fits in an Ikea shoebox, so you can store it there. It will do its primary purpose, keep the dust away. However, if you don’t want to put your precious Oculus Rift in a shoebox, we have some much cooler solutions for you.

How to Store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch
Give it a throne to sit on

If you are ready to spend some more money on your VR device, you can buy a fancy Oculus Rift Stand, like the one in the image above, but it costs over $100 dollars. There are, of course, some cheaper versions of the product out there. If something like this would fit your setup, you can find it here .

If you are more of a do-it-yourself kind person, we’ve got something for you too.

Strap EVERYTHING to the wall!

How to Store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch
Hang ’em!

This All-in-One Rail and Hook Kit is probably the smartest device you’ve seen today. It obviously serves the purpose of storing Oculus Rift perfectly. In the image we can see how Vive users take care of their equipment, and you will have no headphones to worry about. If you want to neatly store the cables too, you can get an extra hook for them.

The only downside is that if you store the headset this way, over a period of time it will put stress on the elastic strap and it may stretch.

How to Store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch
Stick it and keep your controllers out of harm’s way!

If you are worried that your Oculus Touch controllers are a bit out of place hanging on the wall, you can mount them under your desk with the anchor. You probably took care of your headphones this way, but it can also keep Oculus Touch out of harm’s way.

Last but not the least, you can buy a mannequin head to perfectly store your Oculus Rift HMD. It may seem a bit creepy for some, but honestly, it is the best way to safely store your HMD. This is a sure-fire way to keep the dust and sun away from the lenses, and it can be placed on the desk’s flat surface without fastening.

How to Store Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch
HEY! Don’t judge! This is how you look too when wearing that damn mask!

How to Optimize Oculus Rift Performance?

How to optimize Oculus Rift performance

Oculus Rift has two things working for it that make minimum system requirements quite low – Asynchronous Spacewarp and Asynchronous Timewarp. There are, of course, recommended specs to deliver the optimal performance. For best experience, we strongly suggest that you make sure your PC meets the recommended specs. Oculus has a compatibility tool that checks if your PC meets the Rift’s requirements.

Asynchronous Timewarp (ATW), not only has a bad-ass name for a piece of software, but also helps your PC maintain enjoyable gaming experience. ATW helps your hardware if it gets distracted processing other information. This is when it kicks in, providing a much smoother positional tracking, and makes sure that images are rendered in time.

Asynchronous Spacewarp plays pretty much the same role. When your PC has trouble processing information, ASW kicks in and makes sure you get an enjoyable experience without the “judder” effect, as it generates required images to provide unobstructed gameplay.

Optimizing Oculus Rift Performance

How to optimize Oculus Rift performance

If you still get glitches, and your PC meets the requirements, there are several things you can do that will optimize Oculus Rift performance.

1. Keep your software up to date

If you are using Windows 7 and update it to Windows 8.1, your PC will clearly perform better. Situation is the same when upgrading your OS to Windows 10.

You also need to keep Oculus runtime apps up to date, as the engines that Rift uses are constantly being updated.

Oculus SDK (Software Development Kit) takes care of this, and can also help you improve image quality. You can read more about sharpening Rift visuals with the Oculus tray tool here.

2. Disable/modify some Windows features

There are certain Windows features that make your PC run better in regular environment, but are not beneficial when using a VR device. We point out the two you should disable – SpeedStep and HyperThreading.

SpeedStep is a feature that all Intel CPU-s have, and is a power saving tool. However, it lowers the processor’s performance in order to achieve this. If your CPU isn’t Intel’s, it probably has the same or a similar feature. SpeedStep can be disabled in BIOS directly, but there are several different ways to do this. SpeedStep also prevents you from overclocking your PC.

HyperThreading makes your PC good at multitasking.  Usually, this is a great thing, but for VR it is very bad, therefore you should disable it. You should also make sure that your power configuration is set to Maximum Performance. You can do this in the Power Management Settings.

how to optimize oculus rift performance PC

3. Minor optimizations

If you happen to have 2 monitors (or more) connected, you should disable all but one of them. Additionally, you should shut down all running apps, allowing your PC to process only the VR experience. This also includes turning off Windows Services that are not necessary for your work.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is to store all of your VR files on your SSD (Solid State Drive). If you just store this data on a simple hard drive, it may decrease your PC performance severely.

These tweaks will definitely help you optimize Oculus Rift performance. If the performance is not sufficient even after the tweaks, consider upgrading your PC.

Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset Glasses Review

Mogoo 3D VR Headset Glasses
Experience VR for next to nothing. Perfect gift for techies, geeks and nerds!

Today, virtual reality headsets are the hot topic everyone talks about. Remember when Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR created a buzz for everyone? You can, and what happened? Retail stores are packed with different VR Headsets you can buy to immerse yourself into your Smartphone while playing games or watching movies.

Compared to the Gear VR that has ample expensive features, you do get secondary market models such as the VR Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset. However, one cannot compare it to the luxurious models. But as you will see in our review, it works pretty well for the price.

How Impressive are Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset Glasses?

The Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset is impressive for an entry-level headset. With the sturdy build, it holds the current generation of devices such as Nexus 5 or Note 4 and works without a flaw. However, with that in mind is this device suitable for your needs? Let us dig deeper and find out.

Comfortable Design

The headset has soft padding running on the sides of the headset. This makes the device very comfortable to wear. The elastic band supplied with this model does not apply much pressure to your face or head. On both sides of the visor, you will find open ports to plug-in your mobile devices’ power cord.

There are three adjustable straps to help prevent pressure on the bridge of your nose making for a comfortable fit. The front cover magnet is detachable. The headset weighs about 1.1 pounds and you need a mobile device to power it. The recommended phone screen size to use with the Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset is 3.5 – 6.0 inches.

Mogoo 3D VR Headset Glasses Smartphones
Whatever you have, it can take it!

Further, do not expect to find built-in speakers, as it does not have one. You can solve this problem by connecting your headphones to your phone for the best results. The Mogoo 3D virtual reality headset has no built-in action buttons or screen tap buttons. You do not get a game controller included.

Visual Use

There are two types of visual adjustments you can use.

The wheel on top of the device that modifies the pupil distance adjustment to line up images perfectly. For object distance adjustments, there are two knobs found on both sides of the Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset. What it does is increase or decrease the distance of your phone’s screen, allowing you to view the screen better.

Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset compensates for nearsightedness (Myopia) up to 6°. If you have a higher number than that, it’s best to use contact lenses, as glasses do not sit well inside the headset.

Mogoo 3D VR Headset Glasses Lenses
Horse-sighted? No problem!

Do you get apps with this device?

Included with your purchase are the virtual reality headset, head strap, cleaning cloth, adjusting shim, and a user manual. There have been complaints about manuals being in Chinese, but it is not difficult to figure out how to set up the device on your own.

Shinecon Mogoo 3D VR Headset does not have any sensors and you need to rely on your phone for movement.

You receive two QR codes with your device. The first one directs you to the Shinecon website. The other one directs you to a website where you can download the app for your headset. You will be able to adjust the object and pupil distance once you have the app available on your phone.

After that, you can go to Google Play Store and find a slew of interesting VR apps to try.

Features and Specs

  • The Mogoo 3D VR Headset has an ABS/PC Plastic design
  • The field of view is 102° with HD magnification of 5.2-fold
  • Suitable to use with Android and iPhone devices with a 3.5 – 6-inch screen size
  • The headset is suitable for use if you have a 0-400° Myopia
  • You receive a head strap, adjusting shim, cleaning cloth and a user manual

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the design of the Shinecon VR Headset Mogoo 3D Glasses, the customers are pleased and found it one of the best on the market. The only negative remark is the instruction manual, written in Chinese. They are pleased with the depth and width options and rated the product with a 5-star rating.

Mogoo 3D VR Headset Glasses
Flip it open, put your smartphone in there – BOOM! Virtual reality.

Disclaimer: Any purchase through the links provided in this text earns us a monetary commission.