New to VR? Here are 5 Best Apps & Experiences to Get The Most Out of Your VR Headset


Virtual reality is no longer some futuristic concept. When Oculus Rift was launched back in 2016, the field of virtual reality changed forever. Today, there are plenty of headsets available with applications related to it in abundance. You can experience virtual reality with nothing more than an inexpensive VR headset and your smartphone. But what is more exciting than the hardware is the growing array of VR applications. Whether you have an Android device or an iPhone, there are plenty of virtual reality applications and experiences that you can download from your Smartphone’s app store.

Sure, YouTube and Cardboard app are obviously a place for all kinds of videos, including 360° content. But if you want the inside scoop of best of virtual reality, we have listed a few VR apps that can prove to be beneficial. These applications can be easily synchronized with systems like Oculus, Vive, PlayStation VR, and more.

#1 Claro

If you are new to VR and want to start with a peaceful puzzle, then Claro is worth a try. Claro as your first experience with virtual reality can be a little exaggerated, but this Android game will give you the true taste of virtual reality. The game is composed of ‘zen-like miniature worlds’ where you can manipulate objects and light (manipulate the sun to grow a tree and stuff like that). The game is particularly designed for Google Daydream and is the best virtual reality application for beginners. The game will enable you to get used to virtual reality without getting overwhelmed.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play | Oculus

#2 Tilt Brush

Before we start, let us tell you that this application is not free. But this is the virtual reality application for all the budding artists. If you are into painting and stuff then this application can let you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Isn’t it amazing? Although Tilt Brush is available on either HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, the overall experience it offers is beyond measure. You can pick the medium that is; whether it is snow, smoke, ink or even fire before exploring the wonders of its virtual palette. Moreover, if you feel like you have created a masterpiece then you can share your creation as a room-scale VR masterpiece or even save it as an animated GIF.

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Oculus

#3 InCell VR

If you have a thing for science then you will definitely love this action-packed virtual reality experience. InCell VR takes you on a micro-world journey into the human cell where you are required to stop a virus advance. This is the best app to start with if you are new to virtual reality as the platform is immersive and you will be able to get closer to understanding organelles functions and cell structure. It will ultimately improve your knowledge about the human body and the game also. InCell VR is compatible with almost every VR headset and is a perfect opportunity to test your Virtual Reality device and learn more about cell structure and function.

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Oculus | Google Play

#4 Google Earth VR

When virtual reality began to flourish as an entertainment medium, people’s one of the first thoughts was ‘Google Earth is going to be freaking cool.’ Turns out, they were right. Flying around the planet and atmosphere like some kind of hypersonic eagle is both educational and enjoyable, well if you like geography. Even if you don’t like, you still can use Google Earth’s quick navigation menu to visit landmark sites like the Taj Mahal, Golden Gate Bridge, or the Sphinx, or pay a digital visit to Vatican City. Unsurprisingly, the landscapes and regions appear to be little more than colorful smudges, particularly if you are using Google Cardboard. But it is free and you can use it in any device. So zoom across vast distances in a matter of seconds and descend upon mammoth structures like the Colosseum or Coliseum in Rome. As you have already used Google Earth before, it will be easier for you to set it up from your VR headset.

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Oculus


A little head’s up  – this game is not for the faint-hearted. If you love being living on the edge and want to experience something dreadful virtually, ARAYA can make that happen. Set in a hospital, this horror game tasks you with figuring out who is behind the mysterious murder of a girl named, well, Araya. The game guarantees to thrill even the bravest of all with its eerie piano tunes, voices, and other sound effects. The app fully immerses you in the virtual quest for clues, so if you are just entering the VR journey, this app is perfect for you.



Virtual reality is a vast field and the developments are happening at every second. Although VR experiences are limited to advanced headsets, there are plenty of VR applications that can turn your smartphone into an immersive device.