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What’s The Best HTC Vive Tripod Out There?

htc vive tripod

A good HTC Vive tripod can help you to optimize the tracking of your Vive. This is how it works. It is the lighthouses that allow your HTC Vive to detect the position and the movements of a user in real time. To take the best advantage of the room scale system, it is necessary to place the two base stations at two opposing corners of the game space. To do this, HTC provides two wall mountings, but many users do not want to drill holes in the walls of their room. This can also be a concern if you’re living in a rented home.

Fortunately, the lighthouses are compatible with any tripod or other fixture that has the standard 1/4 inch screw that is commonly used in the field of photography.

This means that a large variety of tripods are actually compatible with the HTC Vive’s lighthouses, and can be used to support the lighthouses, instead of the standard wall mounts. Best of all, these tripods are easily available. You could go to a photographic equipment store to buy a tripod with the right size of screw. Microphone tripods are also often compatible with the Vive’s lighthouses.

There are some excellent tripods that you can use with the HTC Vive lighthouses below, but if you’re interested in looking at different tripods at your local photography store, remember that the tripods must have a compatible screw, extend to head height, and be strong and stable enough to support the lighthouses without being accidentally knocked over.

An HTC Vive Tripod has definite advantages

Tripods have the advantage of being very easy to install or to shift into another room. They are also easily folded away for storage. However, before you decide on using an HTC Vive tripod for your lighthouses, you should understand that the tripod will take up floor space, which reduces the amount of available space in-game. You also have to ensure that you do not trip on the legs of a tripod by mistake. Another thing that can affect tracking when using a tripod is if vibrations actually shift the tripod.

These are not major issues, but they underline the fact that you need to purchase a sturdy and heavy duty tripod that will not shift during a game. I reiterate that an HTC Vive tripod should be able to raise a lighthouse to a height that is greater than your own. Here are some good tripods that meet these specifications.

Cayer BV30

This is a very solid and reliable HTC Vive tripod that is also a good deal heavier than you would expect, which is a very good thing because it will prevent the lighthouses from shifting or moving around slightly due to vibrations.

It is much superior to the cheap light plastic tripods that are generally available, and which could easily tip over, causing catastrophic damage to your lighthouses. This tripod sits in place very solidly, though you must bear in mind that it will take some effort to shift it when you actually want to move it around.

It is very easy to set this tripod up once you’ve done it once or twice. Adjusting the height of this tripod is done by extending the legs rather than with a crank as with other tripods. The height of the tripod is more than adequate for the lighthouses.

htc vive tripod cayer

Cayer provides excellent customer service, and will usually email you after your tripod arrives to check whether you’re happy with it and if you have any suggestions. If there’s any actual problem, their customer service is more than helpful. This is an excellent company, and their products are really worth buying.

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The LYPCTECH Heavy Duty Tripod

This tripod is an excellent one to use with your HTC Vive lighthouses as it has large legs that lock into place and adjustment knobs that will allow you to position the lighthouses precisely.

There is also a spreader system on the tripod that ensures that it sits on the ground stable and that it’s unlikely to tip over. The tripod is very sturdy and durable, made of aircraft aluminium.

The tripod folds down to less than a foot and a half, and will fully extend to above head height. The rubber base of the tripod is designed to grip your floor and to resist wear to a considerable extent.

The tripod has a special locking pin in place to prevent lighthouses from falling to the ground due to an equipment failure. The ergonomic adjustment system allows for easy adjustment of the height of the tripod to best suit the tracking requirements of your Vive.

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The miliboo MTT601A

htc vive tripod miliboo

This tripod is light years ahead of any other supporting tripod on the market. It sits massively and immovably in place, giving you a feeling of absolute security when you set up your lighthouses.

The tripod will allow your lighthouses to rise to around head height, and the floor support system will ensure that the tripod does not tilt or fall over. For the price, this tripod spells utter quality and is definitely worth buying.

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What Is the Best HTC Vive Stand?

HTC Vive Stand Anwenk Clamp Bendy Xories minature tripod

You may not wish to use the wall mounts provided with the HTC Vive lighthouses for various reasons. You might also prefer not to use a full scale tripod because your room is too cluttered, and the tripod takes up too much space. A nice alternative to these two options is an HTC Vive stand, which can take the form of either miniature tripods or of clamps that can latch onto various objects of furniture or onto door frames.

An HTC Vive Stand has several advantages

Firstly, you do not have to drill holes into your walls, which is a requisite for HTC Vive lighthouses. Secondly, unlike tripods, the miniature tripods and clamp based stands do not take up much space in a room that might already be cluttered by furniture. Thirdly, you actually turn the furniture cluttering up the room into an advantage, in that your HTC Vive stands can actually latch onto different items of furniture and so support your lighthouses.

Where you place your lighthouses isn’t all that important, just so long as each lighthouse is above the height of your head. The main criteria to consider when purchasing HTC Vive stands is that the stand concerned should have a 1/4 inch screw, and also should be very stable, so that it isn’t moved by vibrations.

The best HTC Vive stands will incorporate features such as slip resistant foam, and preferably, variable orientation arms. 

Bendy XSories

HTC Vive Stand Bendy Xories

Bendy XSories’ slip resistant foam allows them to adhere to any type of surface. This is by far the most flexible (literally) HTC Vive stand, because the three legs of the tripod can actually bend around to grip objects. This allows them to grip a piece of furniture or even wrap themselves around a pole, with perfect reliability.

The Bendy XSories are recommended as perhaps the best HTC Vive Stand because their design allows them to function as either a clamp or a tripod – or both!

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Anwenk Camera Mount

While tripods or poles are one option that you could use with HTC Vive lighthouses, clamp mounts make excellent HTC Vive stands as well. This solution has several advantages, in that it is affordable, does not take up floor space, and is not sensitive to floor vibrations. The Anwenk camera mount has a very versatile ball head that incorporates a 1/4 inch screw that is compatible with the Vive lighthouses.

The clamp is powerful, and can be attached to 15 mm rods, as well as to shelves, furniture, hooks, plate glass and other possible attachment points. It is made of extremely strong aviation aluminium, and is virtually unbreakable.

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Haoge 11-inch Articulating Arm

HTC Vive Stand Haoge Articulating Arm

The Haoge articulating arm has been used for HTC Vive stands by a considerable number of Vive users, and is highly recommended.

It can also be used in conjunction with either of the previous two stands, for better maneuverability and precision.

The articulating arm simplifies the mounting and placement of the lighthouses with a great deal of precision, while the control knobs lock and provide for precise control and adjustment.

Not only has this articulating friction arm been used on more traditional surfaces, but at least one HTC Vive user has actually attached the Haoge articulating arm to a grid on his ceiling, where it worked very well.

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The SmallRig Multifunction

These are some of the best articulated arms for HTC Vive lighthouses. While the HTC Vive lighthouses come with a wall mount, these do not provide for precision in positioning and thus do not make the best HTC Vive stands.

One way to create the perfect HTC Vive stand using the actual wall mount of the lighthouses themselves is to use a SmallRig Multifunction articulated arm between the wall mount and the lighthouse. The SmallRig Multifunction can also be used in conjunction with either a standard tripod or miniature tripod, or a clamp stand.

This solution adds a great deal of versatility to the mounting, and allows you to accurately choose the orientation and inclination of the lighthouses. You’ll find that experimenting with the orientation of the lighthouses allows for much better tracking.

Best of all, this accessory is relatively cost effective, and will set you back a good deal less than most of the HTC Vive stands on the market.

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The Best Xbox One Controller Skins

Best Xbox One controller skins

If you’re using a wireless bluetooth Xbox One controller for your Gear VR, you just might find the standard black look of the controller a little bland. Rest easy, though, because that look is a thing of the past with the Xbox One controller skins that you can easily buy in online stores or on Amazon.

They are available in a range that will boggle your imagination

You can have a controller covered with epic starscapes, national flags, even your favourite superheroes – or villains. Or go for an elegant look that features brushed metal or dark leather.

Get closer to the spirit of your favourite games with an epic themed controller that will have your friends competing with you to have the coolest controller on the block.

These skins are essentially decals that you can simply paste on to your controllers

They use a special adhesive that will leave no unpleasant or sticky residue if you ever decide to remove the skin. Over that comes a beautiful photorealistic print. Finally, the print is surfaced by a laminate that is very scratch resistant. Get yourself one of these Xbox One controller skins, and your controller will never look the same again… quite literally.

Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting skins on the market today…

Xbox One controller skins – The Space Nebulae Skin

xbox controller skins space starfighter fighter sci fi

This one is one of our favourites, with a scattering of stars and blue and purple nebulae. Soar into those space opera VR epics with a controller in your hands that is really worthy of controlling a state of the art starfighter. The skin fits the controller perfectly, and brings it a futuristic look that was definitely lacking before.

Check out the best Space Nebulae prices here

Xbox One controller skins – The Palm Trees

If space nebulae leave you cold, the Palm Trees could been the skin for you. With tall palms silhouetted against restful pink sunset colors and soft clouds, this skin has a cool elegance that will have your friends unconsciously reaching for it.

Check out the best Palm Trees prices here

Xbox One controller skins – National Flag Skins

Want to make a patriotic statement? Or do you just like Captain America? There are Xbox One controller skins that feature a range of national flags. Stick these on your controller and make a statement of your loyalties, or simply use your controller with the latest Marvel game release. There’s nothing like wreaking havoc with Captain America’s shield when your controller actually looks the part.

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Xbox One controller skins – Blue Daemon

xbox controller skins 3 blues skulls fire ghostrider skin

If you feel that national flags are passé, you might want to go for the Ghost Rider / Angel Rider Xbox One controller skin. With the face of Ghost Rider’s ‘angelic’ nemesis leering up at you from your controller, your VR gaming sessions will never feel the same again.

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For those of you who actually don’t know who the Angel Rider is (we’re not going to introduce Ghost Rider – if you don’t know him, he’ll be coming for you himself), here’s an epic fight scene between the two supernatural antagonists…

Textured Skins

If you’d like something simpler than these skins, DBrand.com has a selection of interesting Xbox One Covers. They feature a range of textures, from leather to brushed titanium, and are an interesting alternative to those who prefer an elegant surface to photorealistic imagery. This site allows you to select a matching finish for not only your controllers, but for various other equipment and accessories.

Your Own Custom Skins

FlamingToast.com offers you the ability to create your own custom Xbox One controller skins. Just go to the dedicated page on the website, upload the image of your choice, make your choice of finish, and your custom skin will be shipped to you.