The Best VR Sword Fighting Games

VR sword fighting games Fruit Ninja
Fighting fruit with swords - a fair fight indeed!

As a gamer, you have probably played dozens of games where you’ve engaged in in countless epic battles. Sword fighting, depending on the game environment, is often a crucial part of the gameplay, and after many victories and defeats, the thought of actually wielding a sword in real life must have crossed your mind. In the era of virtual reality, you can relive many otherwise dangerous activities in a safe and controlled environment. Therefore we present VRborg’s list of best  sword fighting VR Games.

Vanquishing Realms

Vanquishing Realms is a fantasy game in which you are fighting against an undead army. As you play the game through you will find various weapons to assist you on your quests. The game isn’t strictly limited to VR sword fighting, you will also be able to use bow & arrow and block the attacks with your shield. However, it gives you a proper sensation of how hacking and slashing hordes of skeletons would feel like!


Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR takes the well known and beloved mobile game to the higher level. The game offers several modes. In Classic mode, you ought to slice all the fruits up and, as you probably already know, avoid the bombs. In Arcade, you do pretty much the same but in 60 seconds time frame. Survival mode is designed for battle-hardened ninjas, but my personal favorite is Zen mode – 90 seconds, no bombs, just fruits! Dual wielding is also enabled.



Set in ancient Rome, Gladius is VR sword fighting gladiator experience. The game is still in early access (development) phase, and even though it is fun and immersive, weapon physics and collisions still require some reprogramming in order to give you a polished VR sword fighting experience.


Death Dojo

In my mind, I rarely imagine sword fighting without a Katana. In Death Dojo, you get to be a samurai fighting to the death against another samurai. In a one-on-one death match scenario your goal is to deliver a precise blow to the neck of your opponent, the only weak spot in his armor.


Raw Data

Here comes a sci-fi twist to our idea of VR sword fighting. Raw Data sends you to the future – year 2271. Eden Corporation took over the world, and you are an elite resistance movement hacker with a simple mission – infiltrate into the Eden Tower and steal as much information – Raw Data – as possible.

You can choose from various hero classes depending on your preferred fighting style, therefore this is much more than just a VR sword fighting game. Intuitive combat controls and gameplay along with challenging enemies will immerse you into within the surreal futuristic environment in no time!

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Sword Master VR

If you want VR sword fighting and nothing else, Sword Master VR might just be your game of choice. It takes full advantage of room-scale VR so you better make sure to remove obstacles from your playroom in order to avoid damaging your property.


DEUS VULT | Online VR sword fighting

Deus Vult brings us the medieval VR sword fighting experience, but what makes it stand out from other games on our list is the multiplayer option. The developers did a great job with weapon physics, there are 14 different weapons and each of them offers a specific gameplay and feeling when using them. However, the graphics are not as impressive. There is a social tavern where you can interact with other players, and online matchmaking is available too!


Spell Fighter VR

Spell Fighter VR is free-to-play demo for Vive motion controllers, but it lets you cast spells, shoot bows and medieval guns, summon and command minions, and of course sword fight with skeletons. There is a quest you need to complete, and it is your choice how fast you are going to do it, but the usual playtime is between 30 and 60 minutes.