When Will Mayweather VR Boxing Experience Come Out?

Soon, you too will be able to punch the snot out of that loud Irish dude McGregor's face!

Although we’ve all been denied the chance to watch a live Mayweather vs. McGregor VR broadcast, virtual reality has always been a very boxing-friendly hobby. What better way to experience it than simulating punching somebody in the face, right?

Obviously, there are a couple of VR boxing games and experiences out there, but they’re all pretty basic. Mayweather’s VR boxing game will join this line-up sometime in January 2018. You will also be able to download an app on your smartphone and “train with Mayweather on the go.”

The venture into the smartphone & VR app market is part of Mayweather’s broader post-boxing career plan. The 50-0 boxing defence virtuoso will start a new worldwide business – Mayweather Boxing & Fitness. The home-gym location will open in Southern California some time during Fall of this year.

There are no details about Mayweather’s VR game available at the moment. Official website entices you to opt into their list to “learn more about the first ever boxing VR training experience.”

Judging by the franchising model in place, Mayweather Boxing & Fitness will be focusing on expansion both in the real world and in the cyber-space. Virtual reality, as an emerging market still in its infancy stages, offers unique opportunities for a wide range of businesses.

Mayweather Boxing & Fitness is no different. The strict boundaries separating traditional fitness and sports industry from the digital, online-based market are rapidly fading. A myriad of apps for each and every aspect of fitness & sports culture have de-facto become the norm nowadays.

For a business savvy guy like Mayweather, it makes sense to establish presence on your smartphone and in your VR headset. And since we’re talking about a guy who made more than $1 billion wearing gloves and “sculpting” people’s faces, the quality bar is set high. Hopefully, the VR experience will be available on all major VR platforms.