The View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer by Mattel is a relatively new gadget that offers the possibility to dive deep into the virtual reality world in an affordable and aesthetically appealing way. It is VR headset that makes use of your own mobile phone to show 360-degree environments that will make you feel like you are truly in them without ever leaving the comfort of your own living room.

The View-Master Deluxe has mostly positive reviews and although some buyers might have expressed a certain amount of dissatisfaction, the fact is that it is a very cheap way to try virtual reality while also investing in a long-lasting headset that is multi-functional, too.

This View-Master Deluxe VR review expects to collect the most important information you should know about this headset before buying it. Its pros and cons will be listed below, and here are some of the main features of this VR headset.

What You Should Know About It

Mattel created a sturdy and nice-looking VR headset with a design that tries to reminiscence the classical and good old View-Master, but that also provides new technological possibilities, all in one.

This gadget is a door to the virtual world: all you have to do to access it is connect your smartphone and say goodbye to the outer world. The headset presents an improved and ergonomic design that’s easy to use and that is compatible with almost all Android phones and any series 5 iPhone or above.

The View Master Deluxe VR lets you expand your field of view beyond what you have ever imagined thanks to its wider lenses and it has a focus adjustment wheel in the middle that allows you to put your glasses aside and see sharp images, no matter what your eye condition is.

Design and Ergonomics

The design comes with an open-and-close latch in the front that’s simple to operate and that closes tightly to secure the mobile phone inside. Similarly, it brings a headphone connector that immerses you even more into the experience which, along with the 360-degree images, will take you far away from the place you’re at.

The View Master Deluxe VR uses a free, downloadable app that’s available for both Android and iOS users. Once installed, you can insert the phone into the headset and you will be able to launch Augmented Reality elements through it! It’s an interactive interface that will show you AR icons that can be easily chosen by just clicking the VM lever.

The View-Master Deluxe VR headset comes with one Preview Reel that offers sample content to the View-Master Experience Pack apps, which are sold separately and need to be bought to play them through the headset.

Lastly, the package comes with the white and red View-Master, a built-in adapter for certain smartphones, the free reel and the headphone connector mentioned above, all for an incredibly affordable price.

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The Good Things

  • It’s a better headset than the Google Cardboard. While it’s true that the GC is free, the View-Master VR is considerably inexpensive and is a long-lasting and reusable headset that’s adaptable to many smartphone styles
  • It’s a model that’s simple to use thus making it ideal for VR beginners. If you haven’t tried VR or AR before, this is a low budget way to try it out
  • The experience it delivers is full 3D VR. It offers mini-games, environments, and more, one even more immersive than the other
  • Combines Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality elements at the same time
  • Easy to adjust when focusing makes it glass-user friendly
  • It feels comfortable around the face when used
  • Particularly good for kids as it has a colorful design but a retro look, nonetheless
  • Plenty of choices in the app and the free Reel, you will never get bored or have to repeat content as there are always new experiences being created

Things that Could Be Improved

  • The View Master VR comes with no head-strap so you will have to hold it indefinitely while you use it. This can not only become tiring but also diminish the experience’s immersion considering that your hands won’t always be free
  • The construction is high-quality but medium-quality, instead. Although it is a relatively cheap item, it could still feel a bit sturdier and steadier
  • They cannot and should not be compared to adult-oriented headsets such as the Oculus Rift or the PS4 VR headset. The View Master VR reviews state that it’s evident they have been designed with kids in mind so even if they can offer some fun, they won’t reach as far as high-tech VR headsets
  • It’s not compatible with every smartphone and because it’s a couple of years old already, some of the newest and biggest phone models don’t fit into the headset
  • The headphone plug is located in a strange place and might be uncomfortable depending on how big the jack of your headphones is

Conclusions and Considerations

The Matter View Master VR headset is undoubtedly a nice gadget depending on how you plan to use it. This headset gets along with kids nicely and although it needs a smartphone to function, it can be used by children aged 6 or above.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that this headset is not meant to be worn for a long time as it comes with no head-strap. This means that you will eventually get tired of holding it up so long games or 3D VR experiences are not necessarily the best idea.

However, it’s important to remember that the View-Master reviews mostly confirm that this is a smooth and functional item that will deliver a nice performance as long as you know what to expect from a VR headset that costs less than $50.

The View-Master has a nice-looking design and some of us might even remember the old view master just by looking at it, although it won’t offer as high-quality experiences as more expensive headsets can.

Overall, the Mattel View Master headset is a nice option for those who are on a budget and would like to purchase a VR headset that will let them experience the Virtual and Augmented Reality worlds without paying too much.

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