If you still think that in order to experience the virtual reality world you have to wear a sturdy, heavy headset, it’s time for you to find out about the Merge VR/AR goggles: this is not only the most lightweight headset you can get these days, it is also the funkiest-looking one on the market.

It’s essential to note that this is a multi-award-winning device that was chosen as the best VR headset for both big kids and teens in 2017. It has also received honorary nominations for being a pioneering gadget made of a resistant material that will protect your smartphone at all costs.

Below, we’ll be detailing the Merge VR and all of its characteristics. This Merge VR review has been written with the intention of looking closely at the headset’s features in order to determine whether it’s worth its price or not. However, at the end of the day, it will always come down to you if these goggles can provide what you are looking for in a virtual reality headset or not.

Merge VR Features

The Merge is portal to the virtual reality dimension like the ones you have never seen before. This innovative VR headset is suitable for kids aged 10 or above and it can be bought in bright, solid colors that range from Nebula Teal and Solar Orange to Supernova Pink and the iconic Pulsar Purple, all space-related names.

One of the greatest things about this headset is that you can buy it for around $30, placing it among the cheapest options out there if we leave the Google Cardboard aside. The Merge is long-lasting and three times as durable, after all.

Merge VR Construction

If the design is not cool enough to get you hooked, its main features definitely will: it’s the first virtual reality headset manufactured to be as soft as a marshmallow, making it not only super comfortable to wear but also as light as these normally-heavy gadgets can get.

In addition to that, the Merge has been tested against drops and bumps to make sure that your smartphone will stay safely inside it even if it falls from a 6th floor or higher. The best part? The headset won’t break either as its spongy foam won’t even feel the fall.

The Merge VR/AR goggles are compatible with both Android and iOS phones and it can fit any model sized anywhere between 123mm and 158mm. To make sure that your smartphone is VR ready before you buy the googles, you can always test it at vrtestninja.com, a website that reveals your smartphone’s capacity, for free.

The material used to create the Merge VR goggles is a lightweight and ultra flexible foam that adapts to the contour of your face, making them one of the most comfortable headsets out there as of today as most models are made of hard, stiff, plastic-related materials.

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Merge VR Lenses

As for the technical specifications, these colorful goggles come with two adjustable lenses that can let you adapt them to your particular eye distance. For people with eyesight difficulties, this is the only way in which they can truly experience virtual reality and although it should be a mandatory feature, not all headsets’ lenses can be adjusted so that’s two extra points for the Merge.

The bold Merge headset offers 96° field of view and comes with two 42mm lenses. Likewise, they have been designed to fit eyeglasses so if you need to wear them to see, these are the perfect VR goggles for you.

Merge VR External Features

On the sides of the headset, you’ll find two input buttons, both on the left and right panels. These buttons make sure that you don’t need a controller to interact with the VR world. It also features accessory ports in case you want to charge your smartphone or you’re your headphones in.

Moreover, it brings an adjustable head strap that fits all sizes and it comes with airflow channels that make sure your eyesight is free from fog or dampness even when playing games that require you to move around and sweat a bit. virtual reality is quite immersive and it can end up in more physical exercise than you would expect.

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What Games Can You Play on Merge VR?

Merge has an app website called miniverse.io where you can buy and download games, videos, and VR experiences directly to your smartphone. Uncountable apps can be obtained for free and those that you have to pay for usually cost less than $4.

Similarly, the Merge headset can be used to play any VR game or video that’s compatible with Google Cardboard, making the amount of content available even wider. Nevertheless, there have been some criticisms from gamers about how many of these apps won’t work with the Merge. It’s important to keep this in mind as there is a possibility that the apps you want to experience might not be compatible with this headset.

User Complaints about the Merge VR

In addition to several games not running properly with these VR goggles, several users have stated that bigger Android phones and the latest iPhone models don’t fit properly in the slot.

Likewise, depending on the size of the phone and where the Home button is, it might get pressed constantly, making it almost impossible to experience virtual reality. Lastly, it is common to find users writing a Merge VR headset review where they comment about how the phone can overheat inside the device, although this doesn’t seem to affect the games or videos.


To conclude this Merge VR headset review, we dare to say that this is an excellent headset that’s not only affordable but that will also last a long time. Its construction has been engineered to be durable and its lenses and technical features have been specifically chosen to provide the best VR experience you can get, as long as your smartphone can deliver.

If you’re thinking about getting a headset that can be worn with glasses and that can also stand a lot of bumps (in case you happen to be one of those people who keeps dropping their phone), the Merge goggles will do the job. Just pick your favorite brightly-colored headset, download some free apps, and you’re ready to dive into virtual reality at once.

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