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Review of Superior VR Glasses Headset with Bluetooth Remote Controller

Superior VR Glasses Headset Featured
Good looking, compatible and with a Bluetooth controller

Virtual reality glasses and headsets are slowly creeping into the mainstream entertainment. When you wear them, you get to experience the sensations closest to actually being in the game or in the movie. You can easily travel to numerous destinations and learn new skills without leaving your home.

Even though everything sounds superb, people are still sceptic because they think this kind of technology is expensive. Quite the contrary, Superior VR Glasses Headset is a really affordable option with a plethora of premium features.


  • It’s simple to use and compatible with a bunch of movies and games that you can download in Google Play or App Store
  • This particular device works perfectly with Android, iOS and Windows devices
  • It is compatible with smartphones with screen sizes between 3.5 and 6 inches
  • Superior VR Glasses Headset is made with ergonomic straps for additional comfort
  • Very few VR devices out there can compare with it in terms of price and features
  • It comes with a Bluetooth remote controller, something that a lot of other cheap VR devices lack.
Superior VR Glasses Headset Bluetooth Controller
Bluetooth controller increases the package value tremendously

Compatibility & Ergonomic Design

Superior VR Glasses Headset is quite adaptable and simple to use for smartphones such as Android, iOS or Windows. You can enjoy it without thinking whether it is going to work or not. There is no configuration that you have to change. Just install the VR app, and enjoy watching movies or playing games.

Superior VR Glasses Headset contains three adjustable straps that are made in order to reduce the pressure on your nose for more comfortable experience. It contains adjustable screen and you can change the distance from 58 to 70mm. VR System is padded for additional comfort and it is equipped with spherical resin lenses in order to prevent any eye issues after prolonged use.

Superior VR Glasses Headset Ergonomic Design
Proper design for comfortable use

Value & Warranty

When you decide to purchase Superior VR Glasses Headset, you will get a premium product with the possibility to return it without questions asked and with an entire money back option. There is lifetime customer service included in the package, so you can easily contact them in case that you are facing some issue that you cannot solve by yourself.

Superior VR Glasses Headset is definitely one of the best entry-level VR devices that you can purchase at an affordable price.

How to Experience a Concert in VR?


Going to a concert is the only way to experience good music to its fullest extent. Attending the live act takes some pre-planning though. You have to buy tickets, dress up and actually go to the venue.Some people love this hype before the event, while others would rather just close their eyes and instantly reappear in the backstage.

Well, the future we have been eagerly waiting for is now here. Up until this day, there were several live streamed VR concerts, and there are still hundreds to come.

Jaunt VR released McCartney VR Concert Footage

Jaunt VR is a company that develops tech for capturing stereoscopic 360 degree VR experiences in 3D. Jaunt VR hasn’t made any of their content publicly available, outside private demonstrations. Long three years ago, they have released the VR concert footage of Sir Paul McCartney’s Live and Let Die from his live performance in San Francisco.

This gave users a taste of the direction Jaunt VR was heading for, and they have been recording live music performances ever since. This upgraded viewer immersion to the completely next level and paved the way for future of virtual concert experience.

Live Nation & NextVR collaboration

Live Nation is a company based in California that works with ticket sales, booking, organizing live events. NextVR is a renown broadcasting company that excels at broadcasting sports events in VR, but not only that.

In 2016, worlds collided as Live Nation and Next VR teamed up and announced live streaming of dozens of VR concerts. Since then, they have successfully streamed live performances by various artists around the world, including some of the greatest names in the business like Thievery Corporation.

Interestingly, all the action available via NextVR requires Google Daydream view or Samsung Gear VR with a compatible phone. For some reason, expensive high-end devices like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR are not getting piece of the action when it comes to VR concert live broadcasting.

Coldplay on Gear VR – “Head Full of Dreams”

About a month ago, Samsung, in collaboration with Live Nation, livestreamed one of the performances from Coldplay’s tour “A Head Full of Dreams”. If you own Gear VR, you had your free ticket, since the concert was streamed in VR through the Samsung VR app. The content was available for replay shortly after the live event, and on this link you can see the Coldplay’s VR concert promo.

The impressions and reactions from users after the performance were very positive. Technical quality was superb for both audio and video, and different camera views and angles added a yet unexplored dimension to the concerts for most viewers. Many Gear VR users state this to be by far the best musical VR experience they’ve ever had.

The most mind-blowing thing that differentiates going to the concert in real life and watching it in virtual reality is the 360 technology. While you are standing in front of the stage, the sound always comes from the front, while in VR you hear the music coming at you from different directions as you turn your head around and switch between the view points.

Google Cardboard GANA 3D VR Headset Review: A Great Starter Kit

Google Cardboard GANA 3D VR Headset DIY Glasses Featured

By now, you should have heard of the Google Cardboard. It made everyone go gaga in the virtual reality world for a while. The intelligent kit brings 3D games and movies alive on your smartphone. Since the head mountable case with lenses created a buzz online, there have been many competitors filling up the market with their brands.

One of these trademarks is the Google Cardboard GANA 3D VR Headset. Based on the same design as Google, this is another great starter kit at an affordable price to turn your mobile device into a virtual reality world.

So what does the GANA VR headset have compared to other Google Cardboard headsets? In comparison, there is a difference and you can view it here with our detailed GANA 3D VR Headset Review.

Is the GANA VR Headset a Champ?

The Google Cardboard GANA VR Headset for one changes your Android and iPhone into a magical world. You can throw yourself into the world of virtual reality for the best 3-dimensional experience. Whether it is watching movies or playing games, you get absorbed into the scene.

Google Cardboard GANA 3D VR Headset DIY Glasses Immersion
Immersive experience

Is there a difference in the design?

GANA 3D Virtual Reality Headset has the same cardboard design made of craft paper. The colour is the same, with the exception of a few black patches. With the design of the GANA, you slide your mobile device in place and secure it. For comfort, it has a head strap with a forehead and nose pad.

This is much more comfortable compared to other Google Cardboard headsets and assures that your phone will not slip through while enjoying your game. This headset is a cardboard kit that is machine printed for fast setup. You can easily fit a Smartphone with a 4.0 – 6.0-inch sized screen in it.

The primary button type is indirect touch, suitable to use if you wear eyeglasses. There are a couple of downsides though. The headband is not adjustable. Additionally, it does not have focus and pupil distance adjustments as other more expensive brands. The dimension of the headset is 14.1 x 9.7 x 5.6cm. It weighs 88 grams.

Further, you receive included with your purchase the VR 3D glasses, headband, user manual and a cleaning cloth.

Google Cardboard GANA 3D VR Headset DIY Glasses Breakdown
Design breakdown

Are the lenses great to use and does it include a start-up app?

The VR Headset has an aspherical 37mm diameter lens with a focal length of 45mm. What this means is it has a more complex surface and helps reduce light to help you view 3D games and movies on your mobile device. Further, it has an 80° field of view. If you are uncertain whether the headset is suitable for your phone, you can check out the Google Cardboard app available in Play Store. In addition, if you would like to enjoy a 360° viewing experience you will need a gyroscope on your mobile device.

Features and Specs:

  • The GANA 3D VR Headset is made of cardboard and has an aspherical lens system with a 35mm diameter
  • Further, it has an 80-degree field of view and has indirect touch
  • You receive headband with forehead/nose pad and it does not have interpupillary distance or a focus adjustment
  • The headset is suitable for use with 4.0 – 6.0-inch Android and iPhone screens
  • You receive the Google Cardboard kit, a headband, cleaning cloth, user manual and the forehead/nose pads with your purchase

Customer Remarks

Overall, the customer feedback on the Google Cardboard GANA VR Headset is positive. If you take into consideration that it is made of craft paper, one cannot expect it to be one of the best VR Headsets available. Users are pleased with it and it seems to be rather sturdy piece of cardboard. The 3D VR Headset received a 4.4-star rating and customers recommend it as a great starter kit.