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Rift HMD cable management – Tips & Tricks


Probably the most annoying part of Oculus Rift and for most VR headsets nowadays is HMD cable management. Maybe in the future, the headsets could connect to your PC without a physical (cable) connection, but until then, we have to deal with this predicament.

Some users unplug the headset and remove the cables after use because their VR playroom is too messy after the session. Rigging them back in place takes time, so this may cause you to use the Rift less often.

Luckily, some VR enthusiasts didn’t give up that easy and came up with several effective solutions. Additionally, a company Virtuix Omni recognized the problem and designed some gadgets that will help you setting up Oculus Rift in a neat way.

Virtuix VR Boom

This is probably the best, but also the priciest of all solutions. The Virtuix VR Boom is an accessory that manages your HMD cable while you are immersed in virtual-reality. The VR boom will eliminate any possible cable entanglement, which is essential if you intend to use Oculus Rift in a room-scale.

Octagonal base is sturdy and provides stability, and the gadget has necessary cable clips that lead your HMD cable to the shaft. The retractable mechanism will keep the cable at just the right length, enabling you to move and turn freely.

The only downside is the price, which is currently $149. When the Virtuix VR Boom first came out, the retail price was around $80, and since then it just keeps going up. It seems that demand for this product allows manufacturers to continuously raise the price.

Lift the cable off the floor

The best way to prevent tripping over the cable is to mount it to the walls/ceiling. If you are lazy to do this, you can clip it to the back of your pants, but this is no proper solution. When a cable touches you, it can completely break the VR immersion and set you back to the real world.

If you are ready to put in some work and set up the installations required to keep the cable suspended off the ceiling, it might be a good idea to get a cable extension. After you’ve ensured you have the required cable length, you can get the Retractable Cable Management System for Oculus Rift. It contains 6 spindles attached to adhesive hooks which can be fixed on almost any surface without drilling.

If you have enough space dedicated for your VR play area, retractable cable management system is a great solution. However, when facing difficulties, improvisation gives birth to some original ideas.

We can see this gentleman is a do-it-yourself kind of person, and even though his invention isn’t as cool and high-tech as some others we aforementioned, it serves it’s purpose brilliantly. Using a retractable dog leash, he solved the Rift cable management problem on his own.

This method probably isn’t as reliable as the others we suggested, but can get you through initial HMD cable management issues until you’ve worked out a more suitable and reliable solution.

Unido Box 689vrt2 VR 3D Headset Remote Control Review

Unido Box 689vrt2 VR 3D Headset Remote Control Featured
Simple, compact, easy to use

Have you recently bought yourself an entry-level VR Headset? If you have, chances are it didn’t come with any kind of controller. Here you can find the best virtual reality headset remote with a universal design. The Unido Box 689vrt2 remote control is the best partner to use with your VR headset. Another great thing is you can buy it at an affordable price. Check out our Unido Box 689vrt2 VR Headset Remote Control Review here.

The Unido Box 689vrt2 VR Headset Remote Design

The Unido Box 689vrt2 Bluetooth Remote Gamepad has a universal design to use with your tablet, TV Box or smartphone. The gamepad is only available in a white color and has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand.

The remote control uses two AAA batteries which are not included with your purchase. You can enjoy continuous gameplay for up to 120-hours with the remote. The VR remote control is compact and has a light indicator to let you know when it’s on.

The great thing about the VR box 2.0 remote is you can use it as a gamepad or with your PC as a wireless mouse.

What functions does the Unido Box VR box 2.0 Remote have?

The remote has a lightweight design that will help when playing games for hours on end. You can pair it with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. Further, you can control the volume, mute sound, and go back to a previous screen. The 689vrt2 remote supports Android, iOS and PC games. The remote is accompanied by a user manual.

Standout Features and Specs:

  • The Unido Box VR Headset Remote connects via Bluetooth 3.0
  • The remote works with VR Box 2.0 headsets
  • You can use it with your smartphone, tablet or TV box
  • Has all the functions you need to control a game from the volume right through to muting the sound
  • The device supports Android, iOS, and PC
  • It uses two AAA batteries with a standby current of 0.5 – 8Ma for a continuous game time of up to 120-hours

Customer Feedback

When you read customer reviews on the Unido Box 689vrt2 VR Headset Remote, you will find a lot of one star reviews. However, compared to the expensive VR remote controls, this is certainly one of the best VR Headset Bluetooth Remote in its price range. Certain users had problems using it with their Android or iPhone. Last, but not least, the instructions are written mostly in Chinese.

Review of 3D Heaven Passive Polarized 3D Glasses for Kids (4 Pack)

3D Heaven Passive Polarized 3D Glasses for Kids Featured
Kid friendly colours will make your little ones fall instantly in love with these

There’s no denying that 3D is the in thing right now. With the hype catching on adults, it’s easy to forget the little ones also want to feel in the here and now. That’s where 3D Heaven comes in. They have created unique polarized 3D glasses for use with passive 3D TVs. Kids now get to enjoy a whole new world of 3D right from the comfort of their homes or in the cinema.

Design & Features

This versatility also provides them to use 3D Heaven Glasses in theatres which use RealD or circular 3D technology. They don’t need any syncing with the passive TV. This has made 3D Heaven Glasses a favourite choice for kids. It eliminates any fumbling with functions, which can be a bore for kids just starting out.

The 3D Heaven glasses come in a set of four at a very affordable price. This way, every kid in the family gets to experience 3D together. There’s no more fighting over who gets to have a peak through a pair of 3D glasses, as it allows creating one theatre house with everyone in it. The main advantage of this model is that it is lightweight and it maintains high resolution of the 3D TV.

This model uses high-quality abrasion resistant lenses. It resists scratching or breaking upon impact. 3D Heaven Glasses are quite flexible as they use plastic frames. They can be worn over regular eye glasses and can also fit adults with small sized heads. There’s a variety of colours to choose from for both boys and girls. You’ll like the excellent image brightness. 3D Heaven Glasses come with polarized filters to minimize any effects that the light could have on eyes. It’s no wonder kids do not complain of a headache after long hours of watching 3D TV or playing 3D video games.

Comfort & Compatibility

3D Heaven Passive Polarized 3D Glasses for Kids
3D is loads of fun for small children

It is unlike what you’d encounter with active 3D glasses. 3D Heaven Glasses allow simultaneous viewing of the images in both eyes. Your kids can watch at any time as it does not need any recharging. There is no flickering to interfere with the TVs signal. This way, it prevents visual fatigue for kids who can’t seem to get enough of the TV.

It’s always important to remember that even with its high compatibility, this pair does not work with plasma TVs or projectors. This isn’t a bad thing since many homes use LCD-based TVs. They are extremely good at sending images to the right eye, even when you angle from the recommended vertical position. The only thing you get to contend with are lines which happen only when you sit too close to the TV.

In a nutshell, 3D Heaven has put in work to bring incredible 3D glasses for kids.  It brings movies to life with high resolution, high definition images. They are versatile and durable to provide the best value for money.